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D102 gene

Why do you have to have counselling before this test?

I have long believed that I do not convert. I know t3 works for me. Just need to get right one.

my concern is my two children to boys 15 & 18.

the younger one is always ill. Sinuss. Eczema and is always depressed. He also has some of my arthritis symptoms.

The older boy is also seems to have lots of colds and is very highly strung and hyper.

NNow just this week my husband thyroid test shows it is struggling. Both our families are hypothyroid and on my side hyperthyroid and hypothyroid . Paneciaa anemia and celiac disease.

I have noticed that my pupils have gone massive and I am under and adrenal are stressed.

my two boys also have massive pupils and have very low temps.

they have both had thyroid tests in last couple of years but I can't get access to those records.

shoul I get them privatedly testes and test door d102 gene.

people keep saying to me get yourself well first but it's now 9years of being ill. I can't let my boys go through this can I.

what would you do.?

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The gene is DIO2 - that is three letters and a number. (Not a letter and three numbers.)

Its name reflects that fact that it is important in create the deiodinase enzyme.

I point this out so that if you try to find out more, for example by searching, you stand a much better chance of finding information.


In order to avoid the high cost of this test,I opted for the "23&me"DIY test.My raw data from 23&me will tell me if I have the DIO2 gene,but also,the MTHR varient.

BUT!I have not yet been able to cope with the process of getting this raw data interpreted,despite the info on STTM et al.

I got my results in February.

I know I can pay $19.95 & "Live Wello"will do it for me,but I have to be computer literate to download their data base & I'm stalling to avoid the self humiliation of further proof that my brain is F****d thanks to this condition & the medical profession's inability to keep me well.

I always had a novel on the go.Now I cannot concentrate & just use the radio & iplayer.

I used to run a bookshop.Now I can't flippin read a book!

I believe the UK test may just be following gov'ment guidelines for the UK re gene counselling.I have locked areas on my report with scary news.I can't face opening the one that tells me if I have an increased chance of dementia.I think I already know that one.

On the other hand,despite 2 years of hypothyroid depression with acute anxiety,followed by 2 years crushing fatigue of mind & body,I AM getting well without the medical profession,thanks to the support,understanding,knowledge, determination and fellowship on this site


Naomi, you can get a free analysis of your 23andme MTHFR results here:

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Thank you!Will try that one.NutraHacker was informative,but did not tell me if I had the 2 gene anomalies I need to know.



If you can afford it I would recommend the DIO2 test for you and your husband and if positive, for all your offspring as you will be aware of future vulnerabilities. Unfortunately most doctors//endos won't have even heard of this gene so you may need to see a private endo that members have had positive experiences with.

You can email for a list of sympathetic endos/doctors that members have had positive experiences with.

With all those health issues going on I would ask your GP to (re)test thyroid function and iron//nutrients levels for the whole family ... a tall order I know but the only way to know what is going on ... unless you pay privately for those as well ! ! ! ....

Counselling is recommended for most genetic testing as these conditions are life long and sometimes the results are shocking and very negative. However, the genetic testing I have received on the National Health for other health issues, did not provide the "recommended" counselling ... Surprise, Surprise ! ! ....

If money is tight it would be better not to have the DIO2 test but to put those funds towards T3 medication that many hypothyroids appear to need in order to feel well.

You are lawfully allowed to view your children's test results.


Accessing your medical records


You have a right to see your medical records under the Data Protection Act 1998. Guidance on The Data Protection Act 1998 can be found at:


ThyroidUK info on DI02 genetic test & further links


Regenerus DI02 genetic test


Thankyou this is very useful information mucho grateful☺


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