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Cheapest online test for Vitamin levels?


I want to check my vitamin levels but don't want to pay for the full Medichecks thyroid profile, I have just started Levothyroxine 25mg so will do this for 6 weeks before retest at the GPs.

The doctor will not test for Vitamin levels so I guess I will have to do this on my own. I am looking to see where I am with Iron, Ferritin, Vit D, B 12 and folate.

What is the best (cheapest) test to do?

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I think you might find that it's cheaper to do the thyroid/vitamin bundle than to do the vitamin tests individually.

If you order the Blue Horizon Thyroid plus Eleven test before the end of August and use code AUGUST20 you'll get 20% off the normal price of £99.15 so pay just £79.32

Compare that with the vitamin tests at Medichecks

B12, Folate and Ferritin test - £69

The only difference is that Blue Horizon does serum B12 and Medichecks does Active B12

Vit D is £39 at Medichecks or £29 at City Assays


As your GP prescribed PPI (mentioned in previous post) they should test B12 as this can be lowered by PPI's

As you are hypothyroid they should also test vitamin D as it's well known that vitamin D us often low when hypothyroid

If you are under 50 years old the standard starter dose is 50mcgs Levothyroxine

NHS guidelines saying standard starter dose is 50mcgs

If you can't face the battle, or changing to more helpful GP getting vitamin D tested first at £29 is probably next step.

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