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NDT safety


I have just read a post from john in leeds to say that he has been taking ndt for 9 months with great results but that it inflames his colitis. i have just come out of hospital with infective colitis without finding a cause for this when i have always been quite fit and healthy - i have been taking thiroyd for two years now and this has raised a query for me if it could have been that. has anyone heard of this before - i dont want to stop thiroyd as it suite me so much better than levo which just blows me up like a balloon

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Can you help me locate his post?I have swopped from Thiroid to TR Mann(also from Thailand)This is swallowed whole.It has a gastric-proof coating to allow it to transit to the small intestine.I was having some gastric reactions to Naturethroid & Thiroid.I was chewing the pills as recommended.

Don't know if this is of any interest to you & John

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Here is the post


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Thank you SeasideSusie



Did they examine stool and blood for all the following? Apparently Infective Colitis is caused by




•E Coli


•Clostridium Difficile


•Amoebic Dysentry




they forgot to take a stool sample (typical) - another doc at the hospital said it could be ischemic colitis. they have taken biopsies and i will get the results in 7 days

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They forgot? How on earth can they say it's infective colitis if they don't examine for infections? The mind boggles!

Ischemic colitis is mentioned in that article too.

i know i only remembered when i came home. however, they had given me an enema and a scope to take biopsies so perhaps it will show in that - and because of the enema i hadnt moved my bowels again in the hospital. i will enquire though about this when i get my results. i have been taking my new batch of thiroyd for about 5 months - I had no problems with the first tub. it makes you wonder though with the hot weather etc if the tablets are ok. i hadnt thought about this until john from leeds put his post up. of course it could have just been something i ate but i was very ill - swollen sore stomach and blood pouring out of my back passage when i had diarrhoea every 20 minutes for about 12 hours. it was scary - had to spend 3 days in hospital

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