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I am new here and would welcome some advice. I have not been diagnosed with a thyroid problem but due to feeling unwell for some time, extreme fatigue, muscle pain, hair loss I had a blood test with Medichecks results as follows

Thyroid Function


FREE THYROXINE 18.200 pmol/L 12.00 - 22.00

FREE T3 4.9 pmol/L 3.10 - 6.80

THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY 1333.000 IU/mL 0.00 - 115.00


My question is do I go to my Gp with these results, my partner says that as I had the test done myself the GP will be dismissive as they are probably not accurate, I now do not know what to do, any advice would be so welcome just now thanks

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Some GPs dismiss private test results, some are willing to take notice of them and it can prompt them to carry out their own tests if they see something amiss.

With your results, your TSH, FT4 and FT3 wont ring any alarm bells with your GP, they are showing euthyroid (normal). What they do show is

THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY 1333.000 IU/mL 0.00 - 115.00

Your antibodies are extremely high. Thyroglobulin (TG)antibodies aren't usually tested at GP level, Thyroid Peroxidase ones are rarely done. An endo would normally request TG antibodies if he thought it necessary.

Check the list of signs and symptoms of Hypothyroidism on Thyroid UK's main website here

Print it, tick any off that you are experiencing and show your GP.

Also, the following information will be useful from

Guidelines for the Use of thyroid Function Tests

The 'UK Guidelines for the Use of Thyroid Function Tests' state that, "There is no evidence to support the benefit of routine early treatment with thyroxine in non-pregnant patients with a serum TSH above the reference range but <10mU/L (II,B). Physicians may wish to consider the suitability of a therapeutic trial of thyroxine on an individual patient basis." If your TSH is above the range but less than 10, discuss a therapeutic trial of thyroxine with your doctor.

Subclinical hypothyroidism (where there are elevated TSH levels, but normal FT4 levels, possibly with symptoms) has been found in approximately 4% to 8% of the general population but in approximately 15% to 18% of women over 60 years of age.

Subclinical hypothyroidism can progress to overt hypothyroidism (full hypothyroidism with symptoms) especially if there are thyroid antibodies present.

If thyroid antibodies are found, then you may have Hashimoto's disease. If there are thyroid antibodies but the other thyroid tests are normal, there is evidence that treatment will stop full blown hypothyroidism from occurring.

The important thing here is that your TG antibodies are raised, you don't have the raised TSH that is being discussed but you do have the raised antibodies. I think you should ask for a referral to an endocrinologist, I don't think you'll get very far with your GP, most of them are dismissive about thyroid antibodies.

Article about Thyroid Antibodies

Article about Hashimoto's


Did you have vitamins and minerals tested? Some of your symptoms are possibly due to low levels. Ideally you need

Vit D




Come back with those results for further comment.

thank you

Raised thyroglobulin antibodies are found in a range of conditions and it needs exploring further as your antibodies are very high as SeasideSusie has said. I think it's a good idea to request a referral to an endocrinologist. It might be worth doing your homework first and find an endocrinologist you would like to be referred to. Most are diabetes specialists so perhaps you can find one that has a broader interest in autoimmune conditions. Your GP might be able to suggest someone but best to have an idea up your sleeve as the one at your local hospital might not be the best depending on where you live.

thank you


High Thyroglobulin Antibodies can be due to Pernicious Anaemia, Diabetes, Hashimoto's or a few other things

Your TSH and FT4 are both at good levels. FT3 possibly slightly low

It's a pity you didn't also have the vitamin tests

You need B12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D tested.

Two options, take these results to GP now and they should do the tests

Or get vitamin tests first from Medichecks

What are your main symptoms?

Hair loss can be Anaemia - ask GP to test iron and ferritin

Do you have heavy periods?

Thank you for your response, I have decided to have the other tests suggested before I see my GP. My main symptoms are extreme hair loss, fatigue both physically and mentally, cold extremities mainly feet, palpations, low mood (but that could be because I feel unwell). I do have SLE and 3 months ago i had a heart attack and then a angioplasty, my cholesterol is high and my BP remains on the high side despite medication but that could be because I feel quite anxious most of the time. Sorry I sound like Mrs never well, anyway thank you for your advise

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As you have lupus then you do have slightly higher risk of Hashimoto's (autoimmune hypothyroid)

The lupus may be why Thyroglobulin antibodies are high, or it may signify Hashimoto's

Anxiety is a common hypothyroid symptom. Especially with Hashimoto's

Medics often only associate it with hyperthyroid

Many, many Hashimoto's patients find strictly gluten free diet helps or is essential

Same looks likely for lupus patients

Have you considered it? Or are you already on strictly gluten free diet?

Hi i had tests that have been underavtive a thew times.then normal tests come back too .

The high cholesterol is probably down to your thyroid too, it may come down with treatment. since your TSH has shown underactive, it's likely that you DO have Hashimoto's as one of the indicators is that it fluctuates.

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