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Thank you to everyone who responds - I am always grateful!

I recently posted my Medichecks results and that their doctor thought I might be in remission and to discuss with my specialist. I have now had a letter from him. I am due to see him in October (but appointments are often cancelled as was the one scheduled for August). I do not understand what it is he is saying - other than to continue with the current meds - Carbimazole at 2.5mgs. The specialist has always wanted me to have RAI/surgery.

Any thoughts?

My symptoms....

Very hot/sweating. And I do appreciate it is hot! I do have food sensitivity.

I have hot soles of feet, indigestion, tingling in fingers.

I recently had a full health screen privately (although itdidn’t include thyroid!!) and everything is ok including diabetes check and abdominal scan.

How soon is it ideal before another blood test is done.

My diagnosis has been various - an overactive thyroid/enlarged multi-noduled goitre with isolated T3 toxicosis.

It’s just the sweating - could I have gone hyper again when the results earlier this month were so good?

GPS appointment scheduled for 9th August.

Hope you can read the photo attachment.

Many thanks.


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Hi Celora

I don’t know much about Graves’ disease, although my daughter has it. I have Hashimotos. Your test results do look ok. If you feel that your symptoms still seem to be slightly overactive I don’t think it would be a good idea to alter your dose at present.

If your fT4 and fT3 got much lower you would have hypo symptoms (and they’re awful) so an increase of carbimazole wouldn’t be helpful. As you say, its more likely the weather that’s causing the overheating. Even I’m sweating and that hasn’t happened in the last 25 years.

I definitely wouldn’t agree to rai or surgery. They’d just cause a whole host of other problems and you can stay on carbimazole long-term. Have you read any of the books by Dr Amy Myers? She had Graves and had the surgery. She gives a lot of good advice.

I’d do as the dr says and wait for the next appt.

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Hi Maggie!

Thanks for replying.

I have just increased the Carbi to what I was on - just three days and already feeling like the sweating has decreased! So will stay on 2.5mgs for the time being. Wonky thyrids can be so mischevious!

I have read articles by Dr Amy Myers - so will look again at her advice.

I am on a strict diet and I am sure that has moved the suppressed TSH!?!

The next test results will be a key factor I think as to what is happening!

Thanks for replying.


I guess there is always a chance the Graves’ will kick off again, but the fact that the antibodies were negative is a good sign.

The usual advice is that you need to take Carbimazole for twelve to eighteen months to stand the best chance of achieving remission , so if you’re still short of twelve months, or if your thyroid levels took a while to come down, they may leave you on a low dose for a while longer.

I’ve been experiencing similar symptoms in the heat, and was beginning to get a bit worried, but I had my thyroid levels tested again last week, and although they hadn’t come down as much as the endo hoped, they were still within range. We just aren’t used to so much heat !

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Thanks for replying!

It is interesting to hear about others not being able to regulate well with this intense heat!

I have been on Carbi for a long time - after the initial period of over a year - it spiked again - trauma and death o fmy husband. So have been on another long period again!

Good to hear your blood tests were ok!


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Oh, so sorry to hear that Carole. Stress is a big factor for Graves’.

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