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Getting off thyroid meds

I was in love with rocks and 75 for 10 years or more one day I went to the doctors telling him I'd wanted to get off at because of my hair falling out so bad because I thought it was the medication causing this problem well I was off it for three months he tested me in 2 months which my readings were 7. 390 then I went to a specialist a month-and-a-half later my readings worth 6.1 my question is if I would have stayed off it longer with my thyroid thyroid levels continue to go down I am back on the thyroid medicine only because the specialist told me to but I've also had another specialist in the past tell me a month I may not have to take thyroid medicine but I had moved and couldn't go to him anymore I know some people say you always have to be on medication but I've read that those are only the people that has their thyroid removed and I still have mine

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Both hypothyroidism and Levothyroxine can cause hair loss but so can low iron and low zinc so it may be worth having those tested.

It's likely your TSH would rise the longer you are off Levothyroxine. Most people feel quite unwell with TSH as high as 6.1 and it is very rare for people to be able to stop taking Levothyroxine which is usually taken daily for life.

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I have been on meds for the past 60 years and will have to remain on them for life, I to suffer with hair loss but I have a good hairdresser which helps cover it up.


Before thyroid medication was discovered. people with hypothyroidism went mad and died. It is faintly possible that early stages of autoimmune thyroiditis might be "cured" or stopped from progressing with changes to diet, lifestyle and supplements, but usually it is not diagnosed until too much damage has been done.

Look up myxedema coma on the web.

It sounds as though only your TSH was tested, which doesn't tell you much - except that you are hypothyroid. The important test is Free T3 and it is also useful to know if you have TPO or TG antibodies. You will probably have to take thyroid meds for life to prevent premature serious illness and death.


My doc won't test my free T3 I asked her and she said something about you would have to go to the hospital i dint know why


It costs slightly more to test, I think. Buy one of the Blue Horizon finger prick tests (with TUK discount) and find out for yourself.


I saw a private endo last year and even he refused to test my T3 even though i was paying.


I wonder what the problem that is to check ur t3 i mean they check your parathyroid with no problems T3 is a big part of your thyroid


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