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Sick of Being Sick


My PCP has increased Synthroid from 75 mg to 100 mg. My TSH level is 6.1(.4-4.5); T4 Free is .8(.8-1.7) and T3 Free is 1.9(2.3-5.5). My Vitamin D level was 11; it is now 30(30-80). My B12 was 153, then 1034 after injections and supplementing; now it says >2000. My Folate and my Ferritin are well within optimal range(don't have data on me). I have a host of symptoms; clammy hands, always cold, dizziness, body weakness..especially legs and very bad INSOMNIA. Will these symptoms go away when my TSH levels and my vitamin D level become optimal? I am praying that this will happen. Please give me some hope PUHLEASE !!!!!

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Thank you Reallyfedup123. I certainly hope so. I am currently in the process of transitioning over to NDT as my functional medicine doctor would like me to try this. I hope it does make me feel better.

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