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estrogen and hypothyroid


just looking back through my blood test results. I am middle-aged female post menopause and taking Armour thyroid & HRT estrogen patch (0.5). I was on 0.75 dose in April 2017 but reduced to 0.5 to see if I could manage on a lower dose.

In April 2017 my estrogen was 100 pg/ml & my Free T4 was 1.0 with range 0.8-1.8

Free T3 was 3.4 with range 2.3-4.2.

Now with my lowered HRT my Estrogen is 54

Free T4 0.8 and free T3 3.0

I am on 1 grain of armour a day

Estrogen, T3 and T4 are all lower than one year ago.

My question is - Does lower estrogen make you more hypo?

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Sorry I can t help, but I am really interested to hear any replies as I am considering hormone replacement.

According to one study, more oestrogen increases Total T4 but not free T4 (more thyroid binding hormone (TBH) produced when oestogen is high) and high oestrogen decreases T4 to T3 conversion. Perhaps you need more progesterone - most women need much more progesterone that oestrogen around menopause and after. If you have Hashis, it might just be that your thyroid has been destroyed a bit more.

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