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Still foxed


Afternoon - I have been hypo for 10 years and decided to self medicate- now taking t3 only. When I first started I lost over a stone without trying in around 6 weeks. It then started to go back on and once again I cannot shift any weight. Cortisol good after taking hydrocortisone for 18 months. Take 25 mcg t3 3 times a day. Eat well - no sugar, balanced low carb high protein. Weight train 3 times a week and hiit twice a week. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!! Meant to say still low body temp at 36 most days.

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Do you have a confirmed diagnosis of Addison's Disease? Your dose of cortisone/cortisol seems incredibly high to me.

greygoose PaulineS

Both the above people I've tagged have knowledge of dosing low adrenal conditions, and Pauline has Addison's I think. Perhaps they can comment on your dose?

Your weight gain may be connected with taking excessive cortisol. Think about people with Cushing's Disease who produce far too much cortisol. They get fat.

So sorry! That is my t3 dose! I no longer take cortisone ...!

You should edit your post to make it clear that you were referring to your T3 dose, otherwise it is just confusing for the reader.

All edited!

What do your blood tests look like? Are you sure your T3 is, well, T3?

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I have not had any blood tests this year but got one scheduled for next week. I buy Avensis Cynomel in France, is that what you meant?

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