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Where to go from here?


After years feeling rubbish on thyroxine but never getting anywhere I’m at a loss where to go with it all now.My husband is in the forces so at first thought maybe it was just bad luck with my first Gp.But 8 Gp’s in I’m realising it’s not just bad luck just bad treatment.I got a referral to an Endo who treated purely on TSH.But I feel as though I have no where to go my Tsh is 0.99 (0.27-5.0) And my ft4 was 14.3 (9.0-25.0) they won’t test my ft3 my heart rate is 47bpm at rest when I said to my Gp she said she was trying to lower hers from 57 and it showed that i’m Very fit😳I’m considering self treating but I’m worried about the medication being genuine.We’ve just bought a house so going private just isn’t an option at the minute.I feel backed up against a wall.

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So, the excuse your doctor gives for your very low Pulse is that you are an extremely fit athlete and that is the cause of your low heart rate. I don't know why a GP would want to compete with a patient's low pulse and she does not realise that a low pulse/heart rate is due to being hypothyroid not being an Olympic Athlete.

Many on the forum buy their own NDT (natural dessicated thyroid hormones), levothyroxine, or liothyronine.

There are reasonably priced NDTs - the very original thyroid hormone replacement which contans T4,T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin.

They are poorly trained these days and I am sorry for them but even more sorry for the poor patient who is looking to get back to good health but cannot plus the rules. i.e. TSH cannot go below 1, they rarely test Free T4 and Free T3. They have no clue that we need optimum thyroid hormones to relieve our clinical symptoms and there are many. They are, however, very swift to prescribe anti-depressants, pain relief and anything else for symptoms except the real relief, i.e good dose of thyroid hormones.

Put up a new post asking for a Private Message to be sent to you of where to source NDT and/or T3. You can add T3 to levothyroixne but that would confuse your doctor. Our scientists/researchers have proven that T4/T3 works well but if we cannot get T3 we are at square one again.

A Rebuttal by one of our Advisers, deceased through an accident, he sent to the BTA who have made False Statements about NDT - how could they when it has been used since 1892 (in different forms of course). He sent three yearly reminders for a response and they never did.

Many of our members have recovered their health by advice and assistance for one another.

GP should test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. All have to be optimal and I shall give you a few links to peruse.






You previous post showed low vitamin D, folate and ferritin


Have you been improving these?

Have you tried strictly gluten free diet? Many with Hashimoto's find it helps, sometimes significantly

it's really time to retest thyroid and vitamins before considering, if FT3 is still low, then you will likely benefit from small dose of T3

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