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T3 Being withdrawn

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So today I got the letter I have been dreading, after 10 months of being prescribed T3 by my GP (after a massive fight and seeing a private endo) they have decided to ‘review’ my prescription with a view to ‘changing’ me to Levothyroxine. They seem to have completely ignored the fact that I was on 150 mcg of thyroxine for 14 years feeling so ill I could barely function with a TSH of 33! To say I am upset and disappointed is an understatement! ☹️

17 Replies

Are you able to get a private prescription and get it elsewhere?

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In the past I did manage to get a private prescription from a private endo and sourced it from a German pharmacy (it’s far too expensive in the UK) but unfortunately the German pharmacy has changed ownership and now doesn’t prescribe it ☹️

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It’s absurd. I’ve got details of one that my endo gave me if you need it. German pharmacy online.

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Thank you, I have an appointment with my GP next week to ‘discuss’ it but we all know it’s just about money!

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Because someone allowed the price to go up 6000%. My argument is the cost of all the other medications, referrals, trials and benefits!

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Yes it’s absolutely ridiculous what our NHS let’s pharmaceutical companies get away with. My GP would obviously rather prescribe antidepressants 😞

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Coz they really do work !! My ar@e

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Where do you live?

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I live in Surrey, it’s even more annoying because it was the GP’s idea for me to see a private endo in the first place!

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Ah would have been good we were local could have met up I’m in Yorkshire

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ThyroidUK's article on where to obtain T3 with a prescription, near the end of the article


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There are other German suppliers for private prescription


Current guidelines only allow NHS prescription of T3 if seen by NHS endocrinologist. HOWEVER guidelines also say you MUST be referred to NHS endocrinologist to over see withdrawal of T3.


See page 19



Get the list of recommended thyroid specialists from Thyroid UK. Some endocrinologist on there are NHS and recognise need for T3

Meanwhile get private prescription to cover the gap

And write to MP and Lord O'Shaughnessy

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There are 10 other posts similar to yours - are you on a PC - if so they are to the RIGHT of this page. On a phone or tablet - then scroll down and down to see the heading RELATED POSTS. There is a solution in the UK - and one of those posts may contain the information. Good Luck :-)

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Kitty, would you be willing to let Lyn Mynott have a copy of your letter about T3 withdrawal. See to the right of this "pinned Posts" Motion to regret House of Lords. We need as much evidence as possible for Lord Hunt. I have already sent Lyn a copy of my lettet in the fight to keep T3

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Please send your letter (personal details removed) to Lyn Mynott at Thyroid UK. She is collating these to give to Lord Hunt at another meeting at the Lords. Proof of what we keep saying - we are being made ill by CCGs de-prescribing of T3

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Fight it kitty. Mine was stopped by my ccg it took 10 months but it has been reinstated. I was given the impression that those who fight for it will get it, they know most will just accept it. It's bloomin hard work fighting the system but it can be done. My endo gave me private prescription for the 10 months that I filled in a french pharmacy.

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My GP stopped my T3 5 years’ ago but said that I could get it privately although I was not hypothyroid. My T3 at the time was 0.01!!

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