Drugs being withdrawn

I came across this while looking for something completely different!


Liothyronine is on the list, as it has "limited use", and "alternatives are available". I am left wondering what is the alternative? It is the purchasing for the NHS that is wrong, but it is easier to blame the patient, instead of looking at the cost of the drugs for the NHS when they are so much less expensive elsewhere. I will write to my MP pointing out the facts, and urge you all to do the same.


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  • I am incensed by this...Liothyronine has given me my life back; I will be writing to both the CCG and MP.

  • Simon Stevens & NHS England are morons.☹️

  • I have written to Mrs T May today.I did write to David Cameron about another matter some months ago, I did get a reply, so maybe it was read by someone there!!

    If we all do it !? Some hope!!

    I keep it short and sweet, I have found it best to do that, more chance of it being read.


  • By the way they use smart envelopes and writing paper 😄

  • I have asked the simple question as to what alternative is available, pointing out that Thyroxine is a different drug completely. Lets hope it gets somewhere! Thanks for your replies.

  • Write to this outfit looking into this


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