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The NHS consultation hasn't yet concluded and T3 is already being refused to new patients AND being removed from those who already are prescribed!

The campaign I am part of is fighting to stop this but also to improve thyroid treatment in general (not just T3).

Stop our NHS from having to put cost before your health!

Please sign the petition! We need as many signatures as possible:

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More will sign today, we've done this several times but 'sufficient' isn't enough.

It is horrendous and it just shows how the Authorities have taken the opportunity to withdraw T3 due to the cost to the NHS instead of ensuring that the other T3s that are available on a named-patient basis can be prescribed.. They may not be licenced but wont make you so unwell as levo has done.

They didn't like the fact that more patients were asking for T3 as they were not fully well on levothyroxine and they did feel much better with the addition. Also research has shown that T4/T3 combination works very well for some. Those who cannot convert T4 need T3 only. So my assumption is that it is we, the patients, who research and read and they don't. So, personal experience cannot be beaten.

You'd think they would be aware of the simple fact that levothyroxine doesn't make everyone who has hypothyroid well and relieve all symptoms.

Endocrinologists who do not have hypothyroidism do not know more than the patient. It is the patient who has the knowledge of what makes her/him feel well with normal health and can go around doing what used to be normal, i.e. work, play and exercise.

Best of all is happy and content with her thyroid hormone replacements and not searching the internet for information.


Please also complete the NHS consultation re 'deprescribing' Liothyronine, gluten-free and other items.


I'm part-way in to filling in the Consultation questionnaire. I find it hard to know how much to say on each page because I don't know what questions are coming next, or how many there are.

Could the TUK team perhaps list the questions that have to be responded to, with links to the relevant 'evidence', to enable more people to reply, adding their personal experience?

I 've collected a file over the years. Malcolm Kendrick has a useful list of references in his 'Treating Thyroid Patients Like Children' blog.

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No. It will only submit once you complete it and it will give you a reference number and an e-mailed copy of your response too if you added your e-mail address x


Too eager. Just deleted post. Missed the bit on the bottom page as to whether I wanted to discuss more meds. Done. Thank you for your help though. I don't think they will like or want to read what I have had to say about liothyronine prescribing on the NHS and treatment of thyroid patients in general. Really fed up with the one question about prescribing T3 as "exceptional circumstance". I wrote "ANY DOCTOR" should be allowed to prescribe T3. Made me really cross.


As we all know if the NHS got off their backside and purchased from another pharma company there wouldn't be a cost element. In fact there probably wouldn't be a problem at all with respect to prescribing T3 for everyone who wants it.

I do agree though the whole concept of diagnosing, treating and monitoring thyroid patients in the UK is abysmal.

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