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Thank you so much to the forum for your help with this as my thyroid problems are a totally new field for me and I'm still learning...!! My doctor has said that I would benefit from liothyronine, but that there are no GPs in my area willing or able to prescribe it and suggested (off the record) that I should try to source it myself. My problem is from where...!!

Does anybody please have any suggestions for trusted online suppliers in the UK? I worry about getting 'dangerous' products from unscrupulous companies. I would appreciate any recommendations SO much.

Many thanks. :)

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You won't be able to find uk supplier of T3. Many of us have our own suppliers that we trust and proven reliable abroad.

if you are on a phone/tablet - then scroll down and down to the heading RELATED POSTS. There you will find 10 more similar posts to yours :-) If on a PC then look to the right of this page for the same heading ...


If anyone can help Fran with a source of supply, please send information by private message as we can't name suppliers on the open forum.

I will close the post to further replies so that no information is inadvertently posted here.

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