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T3 suppliers needed


Hi, please can you send me by PM of any suppliers of T3 . As nothing has worked so far , I would like to go the T3 route .

Many thanks 🙏

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Have you got a prescription? I assume not, but it wouldn't be the first time I have been wrong!

Natalie55 in reply to helvella

No, Iam afraid i don’t have prescription

Jillkh in reply to Natalie55

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an understanding GP, or be able to pay for a private Dr to be able to get a prescription. I have to source my T3 with out a prescription. So don’t worry you not the only one on this difficult position

Richardhall1 in reply to Jillkh

Hi jillkh, apon reading yor reply to natalie55 I was woundering if you be so kind to let me know of your sorce of t3 without prescription . I have been taking t3 for many years but my doctor informs me that it will have to be stopped due to cost. I will have to look abroad I think as so expensive in uk. I believe you will have to pm me. Kind regards.

Could you please pm me the details as well . Nhs won't find mine anymore because of the cost.

Natelie, May I suggest you get Paul Robinson’s book ‘Recovering on T3’ (Amazon available). I found it very helpful indeed to get an idea of the background for thyroid function, measuring wellness and our body’s response. It’s a bit technical at times but still worth working through. Mark key bits up with a pencil so you can find them and go back to them (helps with a foggy brain!).

T3 is not an easy option and requires a lot of discipline so you will both determination and care. Typically you may end up with 3 doses a day to be taken at exactly the same time every day. It’s a step at a time process to get well, not a magic bullet, and takes time and monitoring to get there, slowly working out the right dosing and timing for you. Each step is 4-6 weeks.

If it works for you, and it did for me and many others, then all the effort is worthwhile. So get well prepared and well informed and then go for it. Lots of help on here. I assume you’ve had your adrenals checked and they are OK.

Natalie55 in reply to T3sortedme

Thank you 😊 your for your advise. To be honest I very scared to start self medicating. Before i take the pill i will read and ask. I Have ordered adrenal cortisol test . I had 3 lows 6 mths ago and was taking adrenal supports . have to see if there is any improvements. Thanks again :)

Howard39 in reply to Natalie55


I’d suggest you have your dhea tested as cortisol is only half the picture.

Do you have any test results?

The key to being well is

Diet ( gluten free , low carbs high fat)

Mitachondrial function, vitamins ferretin vit d, b12 , folate plus I had magnesium tested. Checking you are absorbing you food/ meds/ minerals maybe with a comprehensive stool analysis test.

Thyroid and adrenals are third and fourth.

I used a basal thermometer and plotted my temp to get to 36.5. After every increase you need 8 readings for four days then average 4 a day. If your average is lower than 36.5 your meds are too low. If the average ‘ wobbles ‘ more than 0.4 in a day your adrenals are not effective enough. But first you need the basics right

If you read Drmhyhill. Co.uk and search under orchestra- there is an article which talks you through the steps. ( she has 5000 plus patients who take thyroid/ adrenal meds)

Good luck

endomad in reply to T3sortedme

I agree with T3sortedme. I went t3 only as levo and the t4 in ndt was making me worse than when i was hypo but it threw up terribly low cortisol and it has been a trial in patience over 2 years to try and get my cortisol up without using hydro cortisone, my endo gave me some for emergencies/stress. I am still low but not as low, last blood test 90 (150-550) and saliva test that was under range on all 4 points.

So t3 is deff not a magic cure it has just as many problems as levo just different ones but if all else has failed you owe it to yourself to try it but carefully and slowly. I am deff better but still nowhere near back to the person i was before all this.

just steer clear of <supplier's name removed by Admin> as they took a lot of money from a lot of people who never got their orders- 1 year and counting since I paid my money !

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to sue_b

Please do not post supplier's details on the open forum (regardless of whether or not they are presently fulfilling orders).

Forum Guideline 24.

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