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After speaking to specialist,he still says TSH at 5.3 is alright.I told him I can't function properly on 50 mcg thyroxine.he said the Atenonol is making me tired. Temperature is 34.7.Still got Afib.My blood pressure was perfect 126/67/66 after walk.Still low temperature.I really don't know what to do,feel as though I really need more thyroxine,I am never hungry and force myself to eat. I think I am going to take 75mcg.I I die,I feel I don't care.

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  • Oh my goodness, mjean. Of course you need a raise of thyroxine. The TSH being that high shows you need more and the fact your heart is working extra hard because of being deprived of thyroid hormone. Taking a beta blocker is a double edged sword now. You must do something ASAP as far as I can see.

    Why do these people make this so dangerously complicated?

  • Thank you for post,went to Docs ,said to start taking 75. See endo next week.Dont know why I bother.Will go this time then probably change to another one.Thank you again .Am feeling much better even now.

  • That is good to hear, jean. You will probably end up with 100 or 125 mcg. but ask if you can go to natural desiccated as has been suggested already. Do they have one made in Australia? Armour and Erfa are available.

    I think I can guarantee you will not find anything wrong with your heart. It is just reacting to lack of hormone. I also think you will be able to stop the valium along with beta blocker in short order. These drugs are not necessary when you are treated correctly for thyroid. Wishing you well.

  • totally agree

  • Did take another 25 mcg. Thyroxine.Temperature now gone up to 36.5.Have also started taking magnesium aspartate,was constipated,got to eat to go.Wasn't eating enough.Am going to heart specialist next week.Could be alright by then.Hope so.

    Have been terribly depressed and on Valium.I kept saying,it's my thyroid,doctors all say no.They don't live in my body.Have now changed doctors and am starting afresh with this one.At least he is listening to me.

  • I frankly don't know how you are functioning with tsh that high.

    Do not let idiot NHS GPs control your life like that. Go it alone - I did and have never looked back.

    They also kept me undermedicated with elevated tsh for years and told me i was just depressed when i said i could not function.

    I now buy ndt online, determine my own dose as per symptoms and am as well as i can be with 3 auto immune diseases

  • Not the HHS I live in Australia,am English.Been here 40 years.Vit d low.Been trying to get some sunshine,been freezing cold.still went out a couple of times to try and get what sunshine there was.Ah well ,it is our winter.Thank you all again.will post when thyroxine kicks in again.

  • Poor you. I don't know what kind of 'specialist' this is but clearly doesn't know anything about thyroid disease. When on medication, thyroxine, your TSH should come down to about 1. this has been clearly documented and if this is an endocrinologist he should know! Increasing your dose (50 is just a starter dose) should alleviate your symptoms. If you want to educate your doc, ask Louise Warville (admin) for a copy of the Dr Toft letter to take to your doc.

  • So glad you have found a doctor who is listening to you so I hope at six weeks after upping your dose to 75 he will retest to see your progress. Post your results then and tell us how you are feeling. There is no easy quick fix I'm afraid but I hope this new chap is going to monitor your progress and do the right thing. It also takes a time for your body to catch up with the extra doses so again it's not always easy to spot that the subtle changes are working but you still need to take things slowly, better in the long run. Good luck!

  • Thank you everyone.Doc said will retest in 12 weeks.At last someone is listening to me .

  • If you don't notice any improvement then I should ask for a test sooner but may be he is being cautious as you are to see a heart specialist.

  • Have you had your adrenals checked (24hr saliva test is best) and ferritin? I never felt well on Levo. Turns out my adrenals we're damaged. Also get your vit d, vit b12 and folate checked. They also cause hypothyroid symptoms and are often low when thryoid function is poor.

  • My Vit d is low b 12 now good ferritin alright.Will ask about adrenals next week.

  • See a different GP.. one gp I saw left me to suffer as I am for another 6 months.. I went back and saw another GP for a second opinion, telling him how awful I feel, he straight away is doing more blood tests etc etc. He says mine is just over borderline at 4.6 and that I still may be in need of Thyroxine as we are all so different.. so yours is defiantly not right. I would defiantly go back for a second opinion, don't suffer. I can understand you feeling that way, depression is yet another symptom.. I suffer it too but at least now I know it is all down to getting my thyroid sorted to a good level.. if you are feeling this way then it isn't quite right yet and that level is obviously too high for you.. tell the doc how you are feeling it's important. My brother took months to settle at the right level, but you get there eventually. I have also been reading that sometimes they give you T4 and it is the T3 that is needed so you can still feel just as rubbish. Do go see a different doctor.. ask for more bloods to see if it is T3 or T4.. they don't like the expense but it is your life at the end of the day. I am insisting on everything needed before I start the meds.

  • Went to see Doc today.He is getting me sorted.Put me back on 75 mcg. Thyroxine. Just changed to him a couple of weeks ago.

  • Hi, a TSH test of 5.3 is elevated and not alright and neither is a dose of 50 mcgs of thyroxine according to my doctor who is a scientist and an expert in thyroid matters. What he explained to me is that you don't "top up" the body with thyroid hormone you have to take enough to replace what your own body is making and then some more so 50 mcgs is well under what the body needs. If you don't take enough then the body shuts down. He always advocated Armour thyroid or Erfa as they contain all 5 atoms of thyroid hormone, T4, T3, T2, T1 and another atom. Why don't you find another doctor who advocates using a natural desiccated replacement thyroid hormone. Also get a doctor to test your adrenals through a saliva test, not blood, and see if your cortisol is low. If it is then you will not be able to convert the T4 into the active T3 hormone which is necessary for a healthy metabolism. Test your resting pulse before moving in bed in the morning, it should be somewhere around 70 beats per minute. Get yourself a symptom chart and see how many symptoms you tick. All this put together with how you are feeling will tell if you are correctly medicated.

  • Will do.Thank you

  • ya if I was 5.3, I would be lying down not doing anything and gaining weight, and feeling sad...or empty. Also freezing cold as I recall...

    Way before I got to 5.3, I was not doing well at all...silly gp made me wait a whole year, to see if things would change..35 pounds later! (after being a young big girl, and keeping it off 20 years due to weight watchers) I was so sad to be gaining weight ..I was eating right and working out...Finally another gp saw me, and put me on synthroid right away...its been about 16 years I think...Ive been ok with gp listening about thyroid probs lately, but I get a new guy soon...It will be a bummer if he doesn't listen..i do well 3.0 and below...

    PS/that one gp that made me wait a year for the thyroid med, wanted to put me on pills for depression...Just give me the freakin thyroid med...geeesh! PS/ if thyroid is not looked after, it can bother your heart...Can also give diabetes problems, and cholesterol probs....Not always, but can...

  • Have got chorlestral problem 9.2. No weight problem though,54 kilos. I think I lost all my weight with worry,used to be over 70 kilos,also tried antidepressants,none agree with me ,do the opposite make me edgy.Have lost all interest in things,used to play bowls 2 or three times a week ,never go now.Dont want to socialise,get upset when people are coming.Watch a lot of Tele. Am beginning to feel a bit better even the last 2 days apart from a bit of chest uncomfort.Been out walking a couple of times today. Going to heart specialist 21 endo 25. Hope they get me sorted.

  • mjean, please don't let them put you on cholesterol drugs and, also, beta blockers are meant to slow you down even further so get off of them or taper off as soon as you find there is nothing wrong with your heart... and as your new dose of thyroxine builds up in your system. Cholesterol is necessary for making certain steroids and sex hormones so reducing it is not necessary.

  • Once they get things back in the right range for your thyroid (the range your body likes), then after a while you may see other things all go back to normal...Walking is great....I seem to remember before they got my thyroid things sorted out, I felt I didn't want to be around friends, or to go anywhere...I believe my dishes sat in the sink for a very long time as well.. You know when you feel right or not, not the gp etc...The GP go by a scale or number....

    Might take a few weeks if they tweek the meds, but I bet you will feel like your old self more....They should deal with thyroid first, then watch the other issues...it all might change.

  • They have put me on Ezetrol.cant take statins.Am also taking fish oil,magnesium and Vit d tablets.Canttake a lot of fat as had my gall bladder out.

  • Maybe they don't want to risk waiting for thyroid to settle proper, because heart and cholesterol is involved...but as time goes on, I bet they lower the doses of the heart meds and cholesterol meds (as thyroid comes around)...If your taking fish oil vit A, just take it 5 days a week or every other day, cause vit A can build up..(just a thought)...Vit D is great, but make sure they check your levels once in a while....and if your taking magnesium, should be taking with calcium to work correctly...you can buy it that way calcium with magnesium for the proper amount...My Mom (a skinny gal) had her gall bladder out in her 60's, and had heart probs...She loved dripping on bread and fried bread and all that yummy stuff..lol

    If you ever see a place that's a Pharmacy(drugstore) & Natural Health Centre in one, try to go to them...They are the guys that have the tablets for prescriptions etc., but they also know their vitamins and herbs etc...Its like Boots the chemist, and Holland and Barrett together as one...That kind of place knows if a certain vitamin and prescription drug go together...(and so interesting to talk to...) My MOm coughed forever on a certain cholesterol lowering drug...Pharmacist/natural health bloke ,recommended to ask her gp for this certain different drug...It worked, and no more coughing...plus they told her no heart operation etc....This guy said try chelation therapy, and for her it worked, and they allowed her by pass surgery...I know you don't need all that Mjean, but its amazing what you learn here and there...Im in Canada, but use to live in UK..

  • Sooo glad I've found this site

  • I know...its cool, isn't it ? :)

  • There are different types of magnesium,which is the best.The one I have. Is asparte.?

  • Yes you are right!!! and they likely change what they think about things too.

    The one I have right now is Magnesium (Oxide)..Many will say Magnesium citrate is the better one, but I think can give you loose bowels at times...one more thing...take your calcium/magnesium 10 hours later than your thyroid pills...

  • Was taking them at lunchtime will change to evening.Thank you.

  • just do what you can, or write it down...Lots of things to remember...

  • Have felt terrible today, High heart rate,122. I am on. Csiro monitor and take ECG. Daily,or more often.Blood pressure goes high one minute ,normal the next.I wonder if I am upping my dose too quickly.?

  • Maybe, because when my thyroid was acting up around menopause time, which made my dose too high sometimes...I would get strange twinges in my heart area...Ya, I would think if its upped the dose you would do it gradual....Doc for me, has only jumped from one level to the next pill they offer...example. 100 to 112...that's just 12 mg...It takes at the least, I would think 8 weeks to see a change on a test...Some people break up their own pills and try to up dose on things, but kind of dangerous, because you never know how much you truly added...That might give thumpy hearts, and increase blood pressure...Gotta be careful...See what other ladies say here...

  • Am Going to heart specialist Thursday,Endo following Monday.Will only take 50 today and be tired all day.Have been taking 75 every since Tuesday,I think it was Tuesday.

  • Even though you were on a low dose of 50, that 25 mg jump for you might be a shock for your system...As you probably know, as we age weird stuff happens...I think we can be more sensitive to stuff as we grow older...Don't worry, but might wanna let that good doc your seeing know...Tell him you tried that, and you felt better, but started having heart issues...He hopefully will do the upping meds more gradual with you...(let him know that's what you feel you need, and want)...He can monitor it.

  • Yes you're right,I am pretty old.79. Living a lot longer these days.I need to be healthy to look after my husband.

  • 79 not that old...but our systems sure change, so we gotta be careful...

    Yes my Momma looked after my Dad..

    Then later I looked after my Momma...

  • I may give it a miss altogether today and see how I feel

  • No one answered my question about ezetrol,ezetimibe.Chorlestrol lowering medication.

  • Temperature is better tonight 36.3.Am going in the right direction.

  • You must be converting well to feel the difference so quickly. That's a good sign.

  • Have even slept a lot better last night.I forgot to mention,I have got emphasema as well.It is over 50 years since I stopped smoking.Have to take spiriva and Asmol in the morning.Feel as though I'm getting there slowly.Glad I'm in touch with you all .It makes me feel better knowing I'm not hyperchondriac.Was feeling as though life wasn't worth living.Have had thought of suicide.

  • When you feel really sad,..try to have a nap..or go to bed early, cause most times the next day looks better...Call a friend...or relative...chatting helps, and so does HEALTHUNLOCKED site :)

  • This site is making me feel so different. I feel as though I have now got a new Doc who understands and not frightened to alter things.He is from Sri Lanka.only been in Oz 8 months.He said ,go back to what you were taking 5 years ago before they altered it.He is not frightened to change things,the other one had good bedside manner but was always sending me and husband to specialists,frightened to do anything himself.

  • Your so lucky you have a good doc now...I get a new one soon, and he is from New Zealand...My Dad use to say he felt gp now, were afraid to touch their patients...and sent them on to specialists etc...I like to discuss with my doc, but they only give you 10 to 15 minutes here...(doc shortage)...

    You are in Oz? I have family there too (mostly cousins now). They must have cool suppliment vitamins there, because they have things we don't have here (Like the Kakadhu plum for one ;) )

  • Yes it is marvellouse,we have now got more docs than we really need here. Must say we do have a lot of natural supplement shops.ie Chemist Warehouse.You can get anything there.Have a google.You can go to any doctor you want to here We have been at the same clinic for over 13 years.I have been to every doctor there.That is why I felt I was hypochondriac.Decided to go to new clinic and start afresh.Glad I did.As I said been to every one all seemed to put me in the. Too hard basket.Feel as though I will get better now might even go back playing bowls which we did for over 30 years.loved it.Not been for 5 years now.Cant believe I would ever feel like this. Didn't help when 2 of my sisters died.

    One suddenly of kidney failure, in Spain,she lived there,the other with vascular dementia and hypothyroid as well she was 85 so did well ,another one died of emphsemia years ago.I am the youngest and only one left.79. May reach 80 even yet.

  • You will!.. Keep positive like you are doing...Your in beautiful Oz too!!!

    My Mom made 90, and she was so naughty...lots of fun...:)PS/ don't forget to drink water lots...Im like a nagging MOM :) BUT, I make myself have water more now...I still love tea and coffee, but get my water in there too...All the best to you Mjean ;)

  • Will drink more water.Try to keep to 2 cups of coffee a day,need one in the morning to kickstart me.Dont really worry about it most of the day.Even tea was beginning to taste funny.Have been having fruit juice I make,am putting plenty of avacado in it.Avocao is supposed to be good for high chorlestrol.Have been for my walk,feeling a bit dizzy but better.Little dog loves it.He jumps all over when I put my coat on.Goes home tonight for the weekend.Will collect him Monday and start all over again.I do have to go on my own Sat and Sunday.I make the effort though because it does me good.

  • Yes, walkies is good! I don't have a little friend for my walks, so your very lucky. Im about to go walkies to Safeway for some milk...

  • I sent my husband to the shop,he needs the walk but doesn't walk fast enough for me and dog.We do go in the park in afternoon together though for walk or near the river where dog can be off of lease.

  • Just taken my temperature 35.7. Going up ,good.

  • Hi Mjean, I think you are relaxing a bit and that REALLY helps your condition. You have to be strong and defend yourself if these doctors try to hold you back from getting proper treatment. They can be slick. Like I said before, hardly anyone stays on 75 mcg. of thyroxine. You may need another raise after a couple of months. Keep us posted on what they do for you.

  • Thank you ,will do.

  • Do you have sound on your computer? This is Dr. Bergmans video on lungs, copd and asthma.

  • I have an IPad,will look at it later.I think I had better get up and take our sons dog for a walk .We have dog during week ,he is good really makes me go for walk even when I don't feel like going ,always feel better after walk.My day is just starting,yours will be ending.

  • Nice to do the walk. Just right exercise for you. I'm in the U.S. and it is almost 7 pm:)

  • good stuff!

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