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Results on NDT Not Good Could I Have Advise On Dosage Please


Hi Everyone

I’ve not posted for a while been on NDT Nature Throid started low felt much better for a few months but not so good this last month been on NT for nearly 4 months now! I’ve been so worried that I don’t go over I’m undermedicated 😒

I have started to feel very tired and not looking as good my results are very disappointing , but I think I may have been too cautious as not taken enough I’m on 1.5 grains

TSH 4.4 (0.27-4.20) *

Thyroxine 9.8 (12-22) *

T3 4.4 (3.10-6.80)

Antibodies TG 276*

TPO. 339*

Despite Gluten free my Antibodies are still high

Please could I have some advice on dosing ?

Thankyou in advance always very much appreciated 😀


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Hello Kazbe,

Looking at ur results you are undermedicated definitely u need to up the dose (this is what I think) iam on 1/4 grain ndt and my tsh is 5.2 at the min and ft3 same as yours but ft4 is 13.4 .iam treating my adrenals and my gut .i have Hashimotos too iam gluten free and lactose free.iam doing now kidney liver and bladder flash and cleans program.How is your constipation is your hair falling do you feel cold any other symttoms? Do you self medicate? Have u tested ur vitamins -what are your results on them ? Have you tri d to address ur Hashimotos? Probably I would consider in your place a good nutritionist and /or neuropath Xxxx iam far from good myself still battling even after 9 months

Kazbe in reply to Ari3

Thankyou Ari3

I think I might go and see a Naturepath I did see Dr P last year but just to be monitored as it feels a bit scary self

medicating even though I’ve had some wonderful advice on here !

I want to address my Hashimotos too my Antibodies are high gluten free I take Probiotics Acidophilus, but I need to cleanse as like you say I suffer terrible constipation 😕 I would like to hear more about this liver and Kidney flush and cleansing .

We do try everything to make ourselves feel better ! I hope you start to feel better soon 😀 I’m sure you will I felt much better starting NDT for the first few months I just got a little over cautious but once I’m correctly medicated I’m hoping things improve again !

Take care and Thankyou for replying

Kazbe 😄

Well, you're obviously under-medicated, but no-one can tell you how much you are going to finally need. Just increase by 1/4 grain every two weeks until your symptoms start to go.

And don't get paranoid about over-dosing. It's not that much of a problem to be slightly over-dosed for a short period. You just reduce slightly again, that's all. It won't kill you. :)

Kazbe in reply to greygoose

Thankyou Greygoose

The reassurance is very welcome il take your advice I was on 1.5 grains so il take 2 grains every morning just increase by 1/2 and see how I feel I take my temp which is 36.5 and pulse 80-100 bpm (this is normal for me ) if anything changes il drop back 1/4 grain

Thanks Again 😄

greygoose in reply to Kazbe

It's very unwise to increase by 1/2 a grain in one go. You need to take it slowly so as not to stress your body.

Just out of curiosity, how do you take your hormone? Do you take it on an empty stomach, one hour before eating or drinking? Do you take any other medication at the same time? Because your TSH is very high for someone on 1 1/2 grains.

Ari3 in reply to greygoose

I would increase just for 1/4 grain for two weeks and see how u feel with it kazbe I know u want results very quick but u have to be patient as this is a journey

Kazbe in reply to greygoose

Thanks Greygoose

I started 1/4 grain then up to 1/2 then 1 now 1.5 always all in one go at 7 am with a full glass of water on an empty stomach .

This was the advise I got off one of the administrators on here she explained that this was the way she took it and it worked great for her . She explained all the receptor cells needed to be saturated with as much hormone in one go ! ( I think she said it was Dr Lowe recommended taking it this way )

I have never taken any other medication apart from probiotics acidophilus which is recommended on an empty stomach so I take that wait an hour then take NDT same principle glass of water empty stomach for at least an hour ? Do you think it could be affecting absorption I’d forgotten about that ?

My TSH was 10.6 in May 2017 it’s gradually come down then in Dec it shit back up to 5.75 on 75mcg if Levo and I felt awful !

I decided in Feb 2018 my Endo was putting me in heart tablets to stop the palpitations Levo gave me and I thought that’s it this stuff is making me worse so I switch to Nature Throid and guess what never had palpitations since 😀

Sorry about lengthy message I wanted to give you all the facts

Kazbe 😀

Kazbe in reply to Kazbe

Oh dear GG Sorry about the typo it’s suppose to say shot up !

greygoose in reply to Kazbe

lol Yes, I guessed that! OK, so you're doing everything right. Except for increasing by too much in one go. Just 1/4 grain in future, the nearer you get to optimal, the slower you should go. :)

LAHs in reply to Kazbe

Just FYI, if you click on the downward arrow to the right of "More" you get an opportunity to edit your message. It's a lot quicker and probably less embarrassing than writing a correction message, the misspelling only hangs around a few seconds that way. Been there, done that!

Ari3 in reply to Kazbe

I take Adrenavive II one capsule and my temp is always 36.9. ,37.00 and I was on 1/4 1/4 ndt had to reduce on 1/4 ndt only now to see if t helps .my heart beat is 70-80bpm don’t know if it’s alright.I will keep like this for a few days and than I think I might increase Adrenavive II. For 1/4 capsule again to see what it says.yes we all are trying to be better and it takes a long time to be better indeed.for me 12 months plan including detox and parasite cleaning etc till I get my Hashimotos reversed hopefully

Kazbe in reply to Ari3

Hi Ari3

Your temp is good and that heart rate is good 😄 I have high Cortisol levels so Adrenavive is not suitable for me as apparently it raises cortisol ! 1/4 NDT is very low have you been getting advice on your dosage ?

I made the mistake of being too cautious and I’m very undermedicated now !

Can you share how you are going to detox cleanse parasite cleansing of the gut and reverse Hashimotos? I would be very interested in doing that myself because with my high Antibodies I’m sure most of my issues are in the gut !

Would you private message me I’d be very grateful :) my journey started May 2017 I’m a lot more informed thanks to the knowledge of the lovely people on here 😀

Keep up the good work look after yourself

Kazbe 😄

Ari3 in reply to Kazbe

Yes Kazbe will pm you ofcourse my darling as long as you get better my lovely x I have also learn a lot on here and still learning iam attending a group where people have hypothyroidism hyper and Hashimotos and how they r doing it’s in Solihul really really great group

25joyce in reply to Ari3

Can you private message me as to detox/parasite cleans as well thank you x

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