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Test results please advise :)


I have Graves and I have been on 2.5mg of Carbimazole for about 6 months. Ive gone down as far as I can what now as I still feel a bit rubbish.

FT3 4.4 (3.9-6.8)

FT4 14.00 (12.00-22.00)

TSH 0.27 (0.30-5.50)

I am trying to find my previous results but technology is thwarting me!

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Not a reply really - a link to your previous posts....


It may help people if you could be a bit more specific with the symptoms you are having. :)



Silver_Fairy in reply to Hidden

'My activity' only goes back a certain period of time and I think my previous results are before that time, typically! I have searched my PC and cannot find them.......I was so organised before I got Graves :(

LouiseRobertsAdministrator in reply to Silver_Fairy

Yeah, sorry, everyone's latest activity only goes back to the site switchover... they have been fixing the search function, don't know what happens if you search for a person - I've not tried it yet - you could try searching for yourself...! :)



LouiseRobertsAdministrator in reply to LouiseRoberts

Oh - No, that didn't help...


Hi Are you seeing a good Endo? If not find pone, GP`s are not best people to deal with any thyroid problems. Have you had all the surrounding tests? A good Endo will do them , but find one yourself and only then ask GP for a referral. Always remember if not happy with any consultant to ask for a second or third referral! Louise has a list of Endos that members have been happy with but do other research to, easy with the WEB.You can also phone their secretaries too and ask what treatment they like etc.

Best wishes,


Rubbish how? Im now off carbimazole for 3 months, didnt feel anywhere near normal until I was nearer the top end of T4 (I average 18) and still have symptoms on and off with all bloods coming back normal. Do I feel as I did before the Graves flare up......no, not sure I ever will again. I feel grotty, rundown and go through the motions everyday but if this is as good as it gets, its still ALOT better than I was 2 years ago. Time helps, 6 months isnt that long yet and your Endo should be telling you this. Just take each day as it comes, accept you have a disease and allow yourself to feel lousy because you have alot going on inside and your body is fighting itself. Hope you fell well soon :)

Sorry, I forget to put up my history for those who dont know.

Diagnosed with Graves about 3? years ago. Had block and replace (probably the lowest time of my life) relapsed within a month of coming off the course.

Been titrating my dose of just Carbimazole over the last year or so (with consent from Endo, who is more a Diabetes specialist :S) Changing dose down every, approximately, 3 months after blood test and now on 2.5mg. Been on 2.5mg the last 6 months as nowhere else to go. Dont feel that much different to being on 5mg.

Still having some hypo symptoms (from too high Carb) tiredness, aching muscle and joints, constipation and no weight loss, sleeping like a stone but not waking refreshed (there may be more)

But occasionally having (my personal Graves symptoms) Atrial Flutter (not fibrillation) hyper tiredness (definately different to hypo!) had a couple of weeks of not sleeping well and my eyes seem worse (I have TED)

I have had all the usual bloods for deficiencies and upped supplemnts for the ones I thought could do with a boost (all not bad ranges though)

Silver, when I came off carb in July my bloods were T4 of around 12 and my my TSH was around 2.

Feeling so much better now off carbimazole. Maybe it is time for you to try coming off carb again? Just a thought.

I think I'm at the stage where confidence in what I was trying to achieve (not having surgery or RAI and getting down to a low dose of Carbimazole) is wavering and I'm scared of what might be the next step (coming off the Carb again) as I relapsed the first time.

I have read on several websites that you should have another test for antibodies before you stop your anti-thyroid medications. If you still have them you wont go into remission. Maybe that's what I need to ask for before I do anything else. Hopefully, my Endo will continue humouring me ;)

Maybe so but I didnt have the antibodies test. Has your bloods been stable for a while or not as that is a good indicator?

I need to find my other results, cant for the life of me remember where I put them!

Haha typical hyper that!! :)

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