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Any Advice Pls: On Thyroid S Which Was Good For Two Batches (150 tabs each pkt) But Feel Different On 3rd (from different supplier) πŸ˜”

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Please can anyone shed any light on my issue? I think I might have to experiment with another NDT if no improvement.

When ordering my latest batch of Thyroid S, I had to order from a different supplier because the one I got the previous two, sold out. For price reasons, I order smaller quantities. The latest batch came in a different pack and stated for research analysis only but also claims it is pure grade. Since taking it (I was on 2 grains which previously worked well), I started to feel fatigued and fuzzy with heavy eyes so I have gradually increased the dose to 2.5 grains but have no change in how I feel. This is really depressing as I had high hopes for Thyroid S and seemed to be doing better than on my originally prescribed Levothyroxine. I am feeling pretty knackered. Now this may also be a menopause thing as my periods have stopped for a few months and I am at the start of the menopausal age (this is what my GP feels is the cause). I am not convinced they are menopausal symptoms apart from the period issue as I feel it's more thyroid type symptoms. I don't know whether I am under medicating or over medicating, or issues because it is a bad batch. I am getting a blood test done on Friday to see if my levels reveal anything although the Locum GP I saw to request the tests stated that blood tests are worthless on T4&T3 combo/NDT but I demanded them anyway. If this is true, how can I know if my levels are at the proper range and how much NDT can you take if I am undermedicated?

I have recently written a previous post on FDA regulated NDT because I have been thinking I might have to switch brands.

Any experienced folk who may be able to shed any light on why I am feeling like this, I'd be really grateful, THANKS!

8 Replies

Those who source ThyroidS will respond when they read your post.

Oh Gosh, this really worries me that I am not getting the meds I need. My husband ordered it for me on my instruction as I was travelling. As the company we got it from was the only one to be selling it when I ran out of the previous batch, my husband bought three pkts to ensure I had enough (therefore spending a lot of money). I don't know if I can state the company here so I have PM'd you (hope that's ok) to say, I'd be grateful if you can tell me if you know about that company and whether it is legit or not. If it is dodgy, I am going to have to fork out even more money and try another totally different NDT, which is not really in my budget right now.

NtombiSA in reply to MapleMoose

Hi could try the 'thyroidshop' in Thailand. I bought Thiroyd from them...and I know they also supply Thyroid S. I seem to be OK on my new batch of Thiroyd tabs. Good really is a jungle out there!!

MapleMoose in reply to NtombiSA

Thank you! It's a nightmare, I'm shattered and fuzzy headed. I have never felr like I just need to close my eyes during the day before. I don't know whether I am having feelings of under or over medicated. Hopefully I'll find out next week after my blood tests on Friday. I have actually used that company before but they were sold out of Thyroid S so I had to use another one. Appreciate your reply :)

Taking any form of T3 then the results are read differently. TSH will be suppressed, FT4 can be lower in the range and FT3 should be high in the range but never over so following this you will be able to see whether you are correctly medicated. The only accurate recording is the FT3 and FT4 can be lower so it can drop down but not by a known amount so this reading is inaccurate and for this reason it's impossible to check whether you have a conversion problem as you can't compare FT3 with FT4.

I am on THYROID S and now well into my third year but I buy 1000 at a time. I have wondered if my current stock is good as didn't feel entirely happy with it and my Endo has suggested I drop down from 1.75 grains to 1.5. At the moment I've alternated them and do feel an improvement but I shall retest when my 6 weeks are up but I have read posts on another thyroid site and I suggested we gave our batch numbers and take it from there. Not many replies as not a huge site but I'm the only one reducing. Many other are actually increasing their dose so my reduction may well be now all my Vits etc are optimal and I'm confident on deciding whether I should increase or not. My current batch expires 2019 so may be older than some who have shared their batch number.

If you are concerned then I should get bloods done and if they are very wrong I would name and shame them.

Many thanks silverfox7. I am doing a blood test on Friday. I think I am going to switch and try an American brand as there seems to be issues with Thyroid S generally with increases in price, stock and formulation. I think I trust American pharmacies and suppliers generally anyway. Can't wait to get the test done and results back.

Let us know what your bloods are saying.

I certainly will, thanks! I have ordered some NP Thyroid which has always been attractive to me due to far less fillers and manufactured in the U.S. I couldn't believe how straight forward it was, it's just a shame it's quite a bit more expensive. I just hope it comes soon as I am feeling pretty rubbish right now. Thanks for your input, appreciate it!

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