Should I reduce dose of NDT on these labs ?

Hi all , had a recent blood test after educing from 4.5.grains thyroid -s to 4.25 grains

I wasn't feeling too bad by the end of the four week period on the reduced dose , but a bit up and down. Previous test showed tsh 0.005 hence the reduction.

Going by these latest results , I have reduced again to 4 grains . It's only been a week , but pulse has reduced a bit , low 60 from upper 60, and had trouble getting out of bed in the morning last couple of days. Really , not sure , but going to give it another week.

What are peoples' opinions ? By those labs was a dose reduction essential given the t3 is only slightly over range and the t4 is ok- maybe a little high for NDT . Should I be concerned about going back up to 4.25 if I feel 4 grains doesn't work.

Just so you know , I am self medicating- doctor thinks I'm on Levo

All thoughts appreciated.

THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE * <0.01 mIU/L 0.27 - 4.2 FREE THYROXINE 17.4 pmol/l 12.0 - 22.0 FREE T3 * 7.2 pmol/L 3.1 - 6.8

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  • Sobajoe,

    How long did you leave between last dose and blood draw?

  • Day before I took 3 gains 7 am , then 1.25 grains 2pm - blood taken 7am next morning before meds .

    I stick to this routine before all blood tests , so the dose of meds changes but he times don't.

  • Sobajoe,

    You are a little over medicated to have FT3 over range in that case. I would reduce dose to 3.75 grains.

  • Thanks for replying. I think it may be interesting, if I can, to stay at the 4 grains mark for the 4 week minimum for another blood test before going back up or further down. One thing I have become aware of recently is that the symptoms for being too high can be misleading, and you can go the wrong way.

  • Sobajoe,

    FT3 responds to dose adjustments more slowly than TSH and FT4. I would wait 6-8 weeks before retesting.

    If FT3 is over range you are biochemically over medicated whether or not you feel over medicated or hyper. I had no symptoms of over medication when my FT3 was 8.4 24 hours after last dose.

  • I one had a t3 of 11.8 - I felt that one LOL

  • Would you have reduced or stayed put ?

  • Sobajoe,

    Sorry, I thought the results were based on 4 grains. I would reduce from 4.25 grains to 4 grains.

  • Thanks. I have to resist the urge to interfere before blood results. Before, I have changed based on symptoms and not stayed on a doses long enough for labs to be of benefit. That's what got me into trouble being overmedicated . I once chased the symptoms up to 7 grains. Patience is not a virtue I possess.

  • Sobajoe,

    It's hard to be patient when you feel unwell and are chasing better wellness :(

  • I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Levels may not be right , but they're the closest they have been in a long time. Like you say, this time, I think 6 weeks is needed to allow things to settle down.

  • Sobajoe,

    Don't forget that symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a couple of months too.

  • Yes , I'm learning from the many mistakes I have mad, slowly slowly is best.

  • Sobajoe,

    I think this article explains it very well

  • Excellent info

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