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Newbie - hello!


Morning everyone, I am hoping for a bit of advice. I am 33 years old, female and I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid about 3 months ago. I currently take 50mcg levothyroxine.

The underactive thyroid results were found on a routine blood test after I had increasing symptoms for about 4 months before. I was sleeping a lot during the day, had zero libido, dry skin, feeling cold all the time, irregular and heavy periods, muscle weakness, anxiety, depression, looking ill and pale. My results showing underactive at the end of March 2018 were

TSH 56 (0.2 – 4.2)

FREE T4 10.4 (12 – 22)

I was immediately prescribed levothyroxine at 25mcg and then increased to 50mcg 6 weeks later.

So my new results after 25mcg in May 2018 are now

TSH 4.25 (0.2 – 4.2)

FREE T4 17.2 (12 – 22)

FREE T3 3.9 (3.1 – 6.8)


And my endocrinologist has said my results actually don't look too bad because my TSH has gone down and my FT4 is higher in range which is exactly where he wants it to be. I am planning for pregnancy and so he does want my TSH to be about 2.5 which it isn't, and he hasn't commented on my FT3 or TPO antibody result. My GP has commented on my FT3 result saying it is only just in range.

I do have more symptoms like joint pain, flatulence, constipation, periods becoming more scanty, weight gain, and puffy eyes.

Time to change endos?

Thank you

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I would say by looking at your results and symptoms that you still need an increase of levothyroxine. I’m sure someone more experienced will be along to help you soon though. Have you had your vitamin levels checked, B12, ferritin, folate, D ect?

Babette2 in reply to xdianex

I will post them thank you

Those results are still poor, you need another 25mcg increase. You should probably have been started on 50mcg. The aim is to get free t4 and free T3 (t3 is the active hormone) to the top quarters of their ranges and TSH to wherever it needs to be for that to happen usually under 1. The guidelines say blood tests every 6 weeks and a 25mcg increase each time until symptoms have gone. Usually TSH between 0.2 and 1. TSH is not a thyroid hormone and not everyone has a perfectly functioning pituitary gland so TSH is not a good guide to thyroid status when on meds.

It's important to get the tests done on Vit D etc as they help your thyroid to work better and can help with a low FT3 reading as well as improving general health so important when planning for a baby.

Babette2 in reply to silverfox7

Thank you I will post these now

Thyroid tests done at same time and fasting and leaving 24 hours between dose and blood draw thank you

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