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What does this old Free T3 result mean?


I came across some old medical records and found that I was tested for Free T3 in 1994. The result was 2.30 (2.30 - 4.20). I was very ill with and had been diagnosed with CFS/fibromyalgia. No other thyroid labs were done, just a DHEA level the was low out of range. Does this indicate that I have been hypothyroid since at least 1994 do you think? It doesn't change a thing now, but I am curious. Thanks...

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Was anything else tested besides the FT3 back in 1994? It's certainly very low and would cause symptoms.

Was Cortisol done along with DHEA? They should be tested together to get a proper picture of adrenal health.

Hello Seaside Susie,

No cortisol tests, just estrogen, which was lower than the Dr thought I would be, and testosterone, which was high out of range. I had already had symptoms for nearly 10 years, right after my daughter was born. It's very strange. I do recall feeling better on a small dose of DHEA but quit it because I started feeling unwell. This was a long time ago, I had forgotten even seeing this Dr on a referral from my GP.

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