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What does this mean?


I had some blood tests last week, and I asked them to run my thyroid tests again. I am currently on 250mg of levothyroxine.

My TSH is 2.2 in a range of 0.35 to 5.50. So that is fine.

Free thyroxine index is 19.5 in a range of 7.0 to 17.

I have several other health problems, and I am struggling to lose weight, well, even to want to lose weight. I am famished all the time.

Any help is very welcome.

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Hi, your TSH is a bit too high (preferrable under 1) and you are lacking a vital test of Free T3. You are taking a pretty hefty dose of levo, there might be a problem with convertion of T4 into T3.


That was all the results I have. Thank you for your help.


Yes, it does look like conversion problem T4 to T3, so definitely need your FT3 tested.


I have just looked at my print out again, and there is also free trilodothyronine results. 5.2 the range is (3.5 to 6.5)

I had so many tests with several hi and low results.


Sorry Muffy. Thanks for your help. I see the above result is my FT3.


You might need a raise in your meds. Altho doctors now a days think that is a high one that you are on, years ago much higher doses were given to patients until their symptoms disappeared. They didn't have a tsh test then, doctors just went on signs and symptoms and raised the meds accordingly.

Jo xx


Thanks Jo. I will try to get him to increase it, but it's doubtful he will x


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