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Questions about thyroid nodules and tests results


Hello, I’m new to this group and happy to be here. I have so many questions about my thyroid tests I have taken and thyroid nodules. Looking at my tests it says,TSH is high and vit B12, vit D is too low, my iron is low too, that needs to be sorted out more. I am on no medication after seeing a endocrinologist, he hasn’t tried to prescribe me anything. I’m lost as to the cause of this issue, as to whether it is caused my Hashimoto or hypothyroidism. I have learned this only by reading with not detailed help form the specialist and just seems to want to monitor the nodules size. Can anymore shed any light on the subject that has gone threw this or know anything about this?

Thank you so much and very much appreciated!


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You will get better advice from the forum if you post your actual test results along with the laboratory ranges. Can you get a copy of your results and post them here?

It sounds like you need to see your GP about your nutrient levels. Perhaps the Endocrinologist doesn't think it's his job to advise on vitamin levels??

Right, but he hasn’t treat my thyroid issues with acne issues, hormonal issues, fatigue, weight gain, etc that comes along with hypo thyroid problems. Yes I can Post them! Thank you for your reply back:) GP?.... sorry I’m not sure what you meant.😉

GP is your family doctor, General Practitioner. I would think the main role of the Endocrinologist is to balance thyroid hormone, not to sort out the other problems even if they accompany the thyroid and are hormonal in nature. It's usually left to the family doctor.

I have more to post also just can’t post more than one pic, anyway to post more pages?... thank you.

According to these test results your TSH is 5.94 which shows your thyroid is failing. Has the Endo discussed possible reasons?

Thank you for your reply, no he hasn’t and only has told me to continue to monitor the bigger module I have and the smallers ones not. No medicine or anything. Should I be concern? Much appreciated!

Thyroid conditions tend to develop slowly. Ask your doctor why your thyroid is failing and check you've had tests for thyroid antibodies TPO and TgAb.

Thank you for this information, I’m continuing my search for answers regarding these issues. I have also been checked for antibodies and they say all is good. I’ve read that also once I hit a certain age is will become more prominent and they will treat. But here saying thyroid is normal functioning even will results saying this. I’m still new to this an hoping for more answers along the way. Thanks again.

Post your antibodies results here, if you want, and someone will help you understand them.

Your thyroid hormone may function better if you optimise your vitamin D and your ferritin or iron levels. If your TSH does not reduce with improved vitamin levels then ask your Endo for a trial of Levothyroxine to see if it brings your TSH into range and helps to reduce your symptoms.

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