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Thyroid nodules and parasites


So, I went to a functional practitioner who performs bio resonance therapy. She told me that my nodules were as a result of parasites in the thyroid. She said the thyroid envelops the parasites and creates nodules to protect the rest of the thyroid. This results in inflammation, as the immune response is activated and causes high antibodies. She said I should take green black wormwood complex to eliminate the parasites.

Does anybody have any experience on this? It sounds a bit far fetched and I'm wondering if this is accurate and if so, why 'proper science' (as far as I'm aware anyway) hasn't published anything on this.

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Parasites are common in hypothyroidism due to low gut acid because they live in the gut.... not the thyroid ! ! ..

Thyroid nodules are swellings//cysts created by thyroid gland dysfunction.

Green Black Wormwood Complex is taken to rid the gut of parasites. I took Super Artemisinin. At least your practitioner is recommending the right product even if for the incorrect organ .... ;o)))) ....

Thanks. At least it's (somewhat) reassuring that she got one out of two right! ;-) So.... The wormwood complex won't do anything for the nodules?

radd in reply to ElizabethM


... only in the indirect sense that alleviating the gut of parasites will make it work better, so improving nutrient absorption and production & utilisation of thyroid hormone.

As you are not medicating yet, it would be worth you reading "The Root Cause" by Isabella Wentz, who explains the Hashi process and how to modulate the immune system. I so wish I had read this info years ago as read of people reversing their condition (ie reducing antibodies enough to slow or halt the Hashimoto attack on the thyroid gland.)

I have found eating gluten free and supplementing Cucurmin to have helped reduce my thyroid antibody levels.


Gluten & Thyroid


Cucurmin Reduces Inflammation

I think your doctor is getting confused. A parasitic thyroid nodule is not caused by an actual parasite. It's just the name given to a certain type of nodule.


Your functional doctor is a charlatan and clearly has not the most basic understanding of thyroid. Thyroid nodules are caused by over production of thyroid cells not parasites.

Antibodies are an autoimmune response to lymphocytes infiltrating the thyroid gland. The infiltration damages cells which become inflamed and dump hormone in the blood stream as they die off.


ElizabethM - Clutter said "Your functional doctor is a charlatan and clearly has not the most basic understanding of thyroid. " and I have to say this was my first thought. It is so sad that we, who are desperate to find help where we don't get it from our GPs and endos, pay such a lot to see someone who we put all our hope in and who we assume is knowledgeable and is basically the only hope we have. It's very difficult to know where to go and who to trust :(

I would be quite wary about going to a doctor who gets even just one bit of information wrong. What other incorrect information is he/she giving?


Hi Elizabeth. I also have had bio resonance. Yes its extraordinary, but it did flag up many of my problem areas. Think its still to advanceed for the medical profession. It did pick up on my thyroid but I didn't follow through on any investigation at the time. It also detected parasites. Many months later saw an unusual chiropractor who also used unusual methods,.bacteria parasites and fungus being an underlying problem. I followed his prescription of taking ovex tablets, acrylic acid, and agood helped get rid of my bloating and bacteria. However the problem isreturning as ut seems some bacteria is very difficult to get rid of. So will look into your remedy.

It sounds like functional codswallop to me.

Wormwood (artemisinin) is very good anti-parasitic (and apparently good for other things including malaria) but shouldn't be taken for very long - side effects include killer headaches. Good brands are pretty expensive, too. No idea whether parasites cause thyroid nodules. If you have low thyroid hormones you need to replace those hormones or risk very serious illness. I suspect the word "black" should have been black walnut.

I have heard about parasites migrating to other parts of the body. Parasites come in all sizes from microscopic protozoa to 50 feet long intestinal tape worms! and parasites don't just reside in the gut. As an example, here's an excerpt from a book 'Medical Microbiology' that reports that these two parasites and their larvae (Ascaris Lumbricoides & stongyloids stercoralis) can in fact migrate to other organs in the body:

Not saying you have these specific parasites as there are probably 100s if not more different species of parasites that have the ability to reside in a human body.

But maybe there's some truth in what your doctor says where you are concerned.......?

Try the herbs and if they work - you're on a winner and that's all that matters, that you get well.

If you take artemsinin, DO NOT take iron at the same time - in the same week. It works by exploding iron-rich cells (or something like that), which is why it is effective for malaria. I'm sure you can look it up.

Thanks all for your comments. I too have my doubts over her claims. As seasidesusie has said, it's sad that we have to go to all sorts of lengths to try and get some relief. Doctors seem to know very little on the thyroid.

I've read all sorts of things relating to all sorts of supplements and therapies and have come to the conclusion that there are an awful lot of snake oil salesmen out there, LDN is an example, other than anaecdotal evidence, I can't seem to find any proof that the thing works. Same goes for tons of other 'remedies'. I've been to an iridologist who suggested I take spirulina and stated I didn't have an autoimmune condition (before I had my antibody results). When I told him my antibodies came back high meaning I do have an autoimmune issue and asked him whether I should take the spirulina, he said yes, as it would be even more beneficial. I did not take it.

All the while my doctors say I'm still in range so they won't medicate me. My last TSH being 3.5 and fluctuates, and only once was slightly over range. My ultrasounds show micronodules which they say are in keeping with AITD and despite they saying it is slightly enlarged, being on the higher side of the normal size range, I do find it enlarges at different times of the month (related to my period). Other than that and feeling the cold more than other people and being tired on some days, I feel fine, which only makes them pay less attention to me. It's like no dr listens. Sadly the 'natural therapists' do listen, but most seem to be in the business of either conning people, or have no idea what they're talking about.

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