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Hi again,

I posted this earlier as a reply to my previous post but noticed others have started a new thread when posting results so though I ought to do the same...

I’ve had my blood tests back from the endo which I’ve pasted below, these were taken in the afternoon. I’ve also paid for some separate tests which I had done last week in the morning before eating anything but am still waiting for those back.

The endo results are as follows, any help interpreting would be gratefully received!

Thank you


TSH 2.15 (0.27-4.20)

Free T4 13.7 (12.0-22.0)

Free T3 5.4 (3.1-6.8)

Cortisol 144 (no range given)

Andrinocorticotrophic hormone 14.6 (7.2-63.3)

Renin (active) 6.9 (Recumbent <20 Standing 5-40)

It doesn’t look like he did an antibodies test unfortunately but that should be part of the other tests I’ve paid for which should be back soon..

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Your results are in range. But it could be that these results are not optimal for you. Many of us have gone through many years of having tests due to fatigue, and fighting off antidepressants only to find that hypothyroidism was diagnosed further down the line. Perhaps your next set of tests will be more helpful. Good luck!

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Thank you for your reply Aurealis.

I noticed someone replied to another post with the following link which says low T4 with low or normal range THS they are thought to have central hypothyroidism, is my T4 possibly considered low being at the very bottom of the range or is that if it’s in the range at all it’s actually completely normal?




Hi abi,

Yes if you’re free t4 is very low (even if just in range) but your tsh is low that usually means central hypothyroidism.

But your results are odd in that your free t3 is very high (!) you would expect that to be low too.

Are you taking any medication at the moment?

It might be good to check your reverse t3 (rt3) levels to make sure your free t3 isn’t being reverse storage also.

And yes- do list your symptoms and other conditions and medications /diet/lifestyle etc that will help people understand the bigger picture with you x


Hi Saya85,

Thank you for your reply, that’s interesting re my T3, the medichecks tests I’ve had done included Reverse T3 so I will make sure I check that when they come back in and I will repost with those. Argh it’s so complicated! I’m not on any medication but I supplement a fair bit as I’m a vegetarian and until recently exercised heavily.

Background-wise I posted a bit of an essay(!) a few weeks ago with some initial results but it only included the tsh and T4, looking back my T4 has dropped quite a bit since then. I don’t know if that means anything. In summary I was very active (I loved a marathon!) until late summer last year when I started feeling more and more fatigued, unbalanced, shaky and brain foggy, I thought I’d overdone it physically but my symptoms deteriorated despite doing no activity from then on and by November I was pretty immobile and have been since.

For six months I’ve been being told I’m ‘normal’ and probably depressed by various doctors so I’m a bit unsure where to go next and whether this avenue is worth pursuing! I have every symptom on the list but because these can relate to so many diagnoses I wonder if I’m just hoping this is my answer!

Thank you



Ahh I can empathise with that.

Vitamins were crucial to me. B12/vit D and magnesium at least.

Iron panel tests are important too.

It’s good you’re supplementing on a veggie diet but sometimes some supplements I believe can affect blood results- esp biotin I believe.

The fact you Had these tests in afternoon would mean your tsh is probably higher than what it shows.

Will look out for your new post.

My doctor tried every excuse under sun to try and explain my ‘low mood/fatigue’

Children? Nope

Stressful job? Nope- I choose when I work anyway

Family? Nothing changed there.

Lol. We have to be our own advocates sometimes


Thanks for your help, hopefully i’ll get the medichecks results back soon! 🤞



You don’t have low T4 according to that test. I don’t think I’d worry about central hypothyroidism just yet. Good luck, it’s horrible feeling poorly over a period of time like this.


Your tests look ok but its not really about test numbers its how you feel, endos are not really interested in that. When my cortisol is tested the range is (150-550) which if your range is same, makes yours right at the bottom. Low cortisol does not help thyroid problems and hinders thyroid uptake, so i would ask more about that, mine dropped from 105 to 95 in 12 months and now my endo panicking but he ignored the earlier very low number as he said it was 'near enough'. My endo is not really up on adrenal stuff so just gave me steroids which i am not keen to take and am trying more gentle ways to boost mine rather than a lifetime of steroids xx


Thank you I will definitely ask about that as well then, i hadn’t realised how much things can impact one another, it sounds like there’s a really fine balance between all of these things!



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