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Need your advice!

I have re started my NDT and Adrenavive ii from today again as 1/4 and 1/4 each and take it slowly. I am on Omeprozole now too. I would like to ask -what is the best time for me to take Omeprozole if :

1. ndt must be take 2 hrs before food and one hr after;

2. Adrenavive must be taken in the morning 20-30 min before food

3. Omeprozole 30-1 hrs before food.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Ari3

I was on Omeprazole 20mg and I was told it interferes with absorption because it blocks acid in the stomach and people like me with Hashimoto’s have stomach issues anyway !

If you need to take it I would take it just before bed and then that leaves you free to take NDT early before breakfast and your Adrenavive can be taken half way through eating breakfast that’s what I was advised by Dr P

I hope this is helpful take care

Kazbe 😀


yes it helps me a lot. How are you anyway?Are u feeling better? Why was u on Omeprozole? I have had very bad stomach pain and I have HASHIMOTOS TOO. Its my first day on Omeprozole and i feel much better the pain has lessened. Can bit live :) Did u use Omeprozole for time beeing? When did u see DR P? And how u getting on with Adrenavive?can u pm me ur expierence please?


Ari, omeprazole is a hellishly bad thing to take. Are you just taking it because you have stomach pains? Did your doctor just give it to you without doing any investigation as to the cause of the stomach pains? It's a lazy doctor solution, they hand them out like smarties, without any idea of the problems they cause.

You would do better to investigate your stomach acid - both high and low stomach acid cause the same symptoms. And you are more likely to have low stomach acid, being hypo. So, have a look at this article, and try the home test at the end :

Omeprazole is just a short-term solution, anyway. You shouldn't take it for more than a few weeks.

A correction, if you don't mind. :)

1) NDT must be taken two hours AFTER food, or one hour BEFORE.

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Thank you so much for ur ideas.Just wondered how can I test for stomach acid any test here in uk? That’s first.i know about soda thing but is it that accurate?

Yes he gave me just like that he said well basically she was a senior nurse .i told her about my pains for 2 months now and I would like to be it envestigated .they did stool samples and x ray on my stomach ( that time I was in hospital of severe stomach pains) and all checked clear.I was sent home .also they didn’t find anything in stool sample .So I was as asking them about having endoscopy to check what’s going on she said our policy is first to try medication and than if u don’t feel ok than come back .i clearly said my pain is so huge that I don’t even sleep at nigh.And she couldn’t answer when I was asking how she knows I have high stomach acid she couldn’t answer on that question she said that it will suppress ur acid yes but won’t make it less that u have.So next Thursday I will go back and will tell Him( will see proper doctor) and will insist that iam not better n need urgent investigation further .


Sorry, I don't know about testing stomach acid in the UK. I don't live there. But, although it won't actually tell you how much acid you have, the soda test will tell you if it's low or high.

If they found nothing else wrong, then it's got to be your low stomach acid causing the problems. And PPIs will make it worse.

she said that it will suppress ur acid yes but won’t make it less that u have.

Well, that just doesn't make any sense. If it suppresses stomach acid production, how can you not end up with less than you have?


I think I have little ulcers in stomach because I can feel the sharp pain today I took Omeprozole and the pain vanished I mean 90% decreased the pain was unbearable I couldn’t sleep because of the pain I had .


Stomach ulcers are caused by low stomach acid. If your acid was high, the bacteria wouldn't be able to take hold. The Omeprazole might help but you can't take it forever. It will cause all sorts of other problems.


If there are ulcers ulcers must be treated first and only than someone can use betaine and pepsin or any other acidic thing to help to produce acid.thank you greygoose.u think it good idea to ask for gastroscopy?


But what are they doing to treat the ulcers? Omeprazole doesn't treat anything.


Omeprozole does treat ulcers and gastritis it says in instruction .I will ask them for gastroscopy on Thursday x


I think you'll find that they just reduce the acid, and are 'used' in the treatment of ulcers. They don't actually do the treating. You need an antibiotic to treat them.


Your PPI will block absorption of all meds and vitamins so it'll be hard to fit it in. You can take Adrenavive and NDT together. Don't forget you'll need extra B12, C, and vit D (and co-factors) to counteract the PPI.


Thank you just wanted to ask you what is the safest way to check stomach acid please by any doctors or anyone?


I had already added this link

Medics don't have any test for it


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