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Hypothyroidism help

Hi can anyone help

My lastest bloods:

Tsh 0.04

T4 11.1

T3 5.6

My symptoms are still very much hypo on all my latest bloods have all come back with t3 & t4 either below range or on the bottom of range yet my last endo visit said because my tsh so low she couldn’t change medication I asked why t3 and t4 was so low yet tsh 0.04 I asked if it could be pituitary problem but she said no as pituitary problems would show tsh being high I also asked about adrenals she said no we tested cortisol 2 years ago and fine. I also told her I was getting pain in throat and having difficulty swallowing but didn’t even check gland I have been suffering for 6 years I am extremely exhausted, dry brittle skin & hair and had rapid weight gain over the last month please can anyone help my endo said I need to get on with life as nothing she could do I have also had iron ferritin b12 bit d suppliments for the last year as all levels extremely low but all are now higher end of normal

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Change your endo. She doesn't seem to understand how it works.

Pituitary problems mean that the signal to tell the thyroid to produce hormone (TSH is the signal - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) doesn't get through so the TSH stays low, if it got through the TSH would be high if the pituitary didn't detect enough hormone (indicated by low FT4).

It would appear that you have low FT4 and your pituitary isn't detecting this.

What are your reference ranges for these tests (please always include them as they vary from lab to lab), your FT3 doesn't seem to be low going by the ranges we generally see here.

Have you had thyroid antibodies tested?

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Thank you for your reply the ranges are

Tsh 0.35-5.50 mine 0.04

T4 10-19.8 Mine 11.1

T3 3.5-6.5 mine 5.2

I had thyroid peroxidase antibody done in JAN 2017

Mine 247 range 0-60


What are your most recent vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 test results and ranges

Do you have B12 injections, if so how frequently. It's recommended on here to also take daily god quality vitamin B complex daily. One with folate in not folic acid

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results

Vitamin D. How much are you actually taking?

Ferritin, what been prescribed

Do you have Hashimoto's also called autoimmune thyroid disease diagnosed by high thyroid antibodies?

If you do are you on strictly gluten free diet? Were you tested for coeliac disease first by GP?


Hi I haven’t had a hashimoto’s diagnosis I had a thyroid peroxidase antibody in JAN 17 result was 247 range 0-60 I have been tested for coeliac this came back negative yes I have started a gluten free diet but still learning on this my doctor has now stopped (last month) my iron, folate and vitamin D as levels are in range I still have b12 Jab every 3 months I was on

Folic acid 5mg

Colecalciferol 1.25g (started on strong for 13 weeks can’t remember name then switched to these)

Ferrous Sulfate 200mg x3 daily


You definitely have Hashimoto’s- your result on TPO antibodies at 247 is way above top of range of 60

You will need to keep an eye on vitamins if NHS is withdrawing prescriptions

Vitamin D needs to be around 100nmol (NHS only interested it getting it over 50nmol)

Eating liver once a week should help keep ferritin levels up

Folate likely to need to carry on good vitamin B complex

You are likely under medicated with such low FT4. Ft4 should be near top of range

Good you have gone on strictly gluten free diet


Thank you so much for your help


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