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Low pulse = undermedicated?


I’m curious if having a low pulse can be an indication that somebody with hypothyroidism is undermedicated?

I know in a very fit and healthy person e.g. an athlete, a low pulse is an indication of their lifestyle, but I’m very far from an athlete (unfortunately!) so wondered if this was a concern? My resting heart rate is usually ~60bpm

Thanks for your input :-)

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Hi C, yes, a low heart rate can be a sign of an underactive thyroid, among other things. What are you taking and what are your latest thyroid blood test results, plus the ranges? This will give an indication of what might be going on. Do you have any other symptoms?

Your waking temperature is a much better guide.

ideal is 36.6C, but down to 36.3C is ok. When you are below 36C this is a good indicator your metabolism is going to slow.

I am well treated as a thyroid patient BUT i cannot get my heart rate up. It is impossible.

My rating HR can be as low as 39, but is usually 45. More importantly my heart can get up to 170 quite easily with exercise. I am very active and play a lot of sport so i imagine my HR is lower because of this and maybe the low thyroid does affect things as well, but i feel fine. So i don't use this as a main guide on being well or unwell.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to marsaday

That's interesting.

My Fitbit thinks I am an athlete as resting pulse is 54-56, sometimes even lower

Since adding T3 a year ago I can now function normally, gardening, go to gym, walk etc. Was completely unable to do virtually anything physical before T3 added. Pulse goes up when exercise but drops right down when at rest.

I don't think pulse or heart rate is a good indicator of whether or not someone is hypothyroid. I'm hypothyroid, but my heart rate has been as high as 150 when I've just got out of bed. A few times I've been blue-lighted to hospital, but nothing was ever found wrong with my heart and I was given beta blockers.

I found the cause of my own problem in the end. I was very, very low in iron. When I supplemented to bring my iron level up my heart rate slowed down to about 80.

Thanks all, this is very helpful!

My temperature is usually between 35.3-35.9 so I’ve often wondered about that too, but as my blood results show “normal” results my Endocrinologist just says I’m fine and symptoms (tiredness, weight gain/inability to lose weight, joint pain and memory issues etc) are down to lifestyle.

I am on Armour (1grain) and 50mg Levo but am tempted by the idea of T3 in case it may help, but my Endo doesn’t think there is any point in trying it :-S

I’m not floored but there’s not one day goes by that I feel “normal” and with a baby and working in the city, the idea of feeling better appeals! And yes those are the lifestyle reasons my Endo says are the factor not my hypothyroidism (I had a thyroidectomy). Meh...

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