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Low pulse

Dear all,

Has anyone experienced low pulse, between 46-54 on levo (100 mcg) and t3 (15 mcg liotyronin)?

My brainfog is so bad I can't remember where I put my last test results, but I remember being over range for T3 6.1 (range max 5.7). TSH >0.01, RT3 4.1 (1.4-5.4). T4 I think 15 (9-19). All vitamins and minerals optimal. I have Hashimoto's TPO 276 (>33).

I appreciate any help. Feeling very uncomfortable, but scared if I go to the doctor she will take me off T3.

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As you have Hashimotos are you on strict gluten free diet? May also need to consider cutting out soya and/or dairy

Have you improved your low ferritin from few months ago


Thank you slowdragon for your reply.

Strick gluten, dairy and soy free.

My last ferretin test was 30 (9-178), so still low. Could this cause low pulse?

I hesitate to take iron supplements, and even if I eat quite an iron rich diet, it doesn't seem to help.


My pulse is ok but my blood pressure has gone really low since being on Levothyroxine for 8 months as usually 140 now about 115


Hi Hather,

I have not checked my blood pressure in a long time, so I am not sure if there is any connection, but my bp has always been quite low.


Vitamin c and plenty of salt might help to support adrenals & improve low BP

Also adrenal cocktail might be worth trying



Thanks SlowDragon. I actually have a craving for fresh orange juice.

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