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Private medical tests

Hi Everyone,

I've only just joined and already have found lots of positive help. So grateful, thank you all. Has anyone had the private testing done and do the mainstream medical professional take any notice of it? Have been hypo for about six years now and on 100mg levo but have never felt any differently. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia also as well as autoimmune arthritis. I really do feel that I'm not getting properly treated and wondered if anyone had had the private testing and then taken it to their GP etc. and if so what outcome was there? I'd be so grateful for any help.

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story no 1: I took private breast scans to NHS GP showing cysts and masses, she took it seriously and I got fast track referral for mammography on NHS. I was 40 then and NHS don't do routine breast scans for under 50.

Has she ignored my private test I'd complain to NHS.

Story no 2: I took my dio2 private test to NHS GP and told him to act on it (gave hints what is required) and attach it to my digital health notes.

He did the later, ignored the former.

I made a complain to NHS, got a referral to Endo now.


Hi Trelemorele

Thank you so much for your help. I've never been referred to and endocrinologist ever. It gets so frustrating not being listened to.

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Hundreds, maybe thousands, of us get private tests through Medichecks or Blue Horizon, both equally as good and use accredited labs same as NHS. However, whether your GP will accept them is another thing, some will, some wont, but it's a basis to invite them to do further testing of their own if they don't like the private tests!

If you're considering doing one, go for the thyroid/vitamin/mineral bundle, excellent value and tests all the important things we Hypos need.

This one is excellent value and on special offer until the end of this month (£20 off it's normal price)

Same test with BH here

Do you have any NHS results you can post? We can tell you if you are properly medicated. Ideally we need




and if done

Thyroid antibodies

Vit D




If you post the results and include the reference ranges (usually in brackets after the result, eg TSH: 2.5 [0.2-4.2] ) then members will comment.


Thank you so much SeasideSusie. I will ask my GP for my last results and post as soon as i can.


Don't ask GP, they get very god-like about results and want to know why you need them. Don't bother with that conversation. Just go to the reception desk and ask for a print out of your latest results (or as many as you can get, especially if you've had dose changes), we are entitled to them under the Data Protection Act and don't have to give a reason, although I just say "for my own records".

You may be charged a small amount for paper and ink, but they're not allowed to make a profit. 50p would be enough, certainly no more than £1 for a sheet of paper.

Don't accept verbal or hand written results, mistakes can happen, you need a print out. If they're awkward about it, ask to see the computer screen and either take a photo or write them down yourself.


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