Private blood tests

I am sure I have seen this somewhere here before but I cannot find it via the "search" option,.

Who has experience with private blood testing and can you recommend a provider? I am interested in more frequent testing than my PCT can offer.

Indications about what is involved & cost is what I am looking for, plus, of course recommendations based om your experience.


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  • The main Thyroid UK web site has information about providers of private blood tests here:

    Have a good look around - there are links to the companies and, in some cases, price lists, etc.


  • FYI:

    THYROID UK has an arrangement with Genova, which is explained if you follow the link above. This helps in its way to help fund Thyroid UK - the charity whose forum you are now looking at!

  • I get mine via Genova. Thyroid Patient Advocacy has arranged a discount for TPA members. Off the top of my head - for T3, T4, TSH and antibodies i think it's under £100 - for all that plus RT3 i think it was just under £130. Go over to the TPA forum and check it out.

  • BlueDaff

    THYROID UK has an arrangement with Genova and relies heavily on the commission received in order to continue running.


  • I didn't know that, thanks

  • Hi I always use Blue Horizon , which is really a lab called TDL.I use them for lots of things, very helpful and efficient. Quote TUK 10 for a discount I use them to make up for what is lacking in the NHS. Intermediate test, TSH, T4 and Free T3 is about £60 with the discount. I use them as they are the same Lab as all the private hospitals use ( much cheaper ) therefore no problem in any doctor recognising and treating on the results.


  • Here's the link on the Thyroid UK website to the lab Jackie uses :)

  • Carolyn, Thanks, efficient as always. I forgot to give all the info., tired!

    Best wishes,


  • That's ok. I sometimes forget too. Take care and try and get some rest :)

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