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Private blood tests

I am sure I have seen this somewhere here before but I cannot find it via the "search" option,.

Who has experience with private blood testing and can you recommend a provider? I am interested in more frequent testing than my PCT can offer.

Indications about what is involved & cost is what I am looking for, plus, of course recommendations based om your experience.


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The main Thyroid UK web site has information about providers of private blood tests here:

Have a good look around - there are links to the companies and, in some cases, price lists, etc.




THYROID UK has an arrangement with Genova, which is explained if you follow the link above. This helps in its way to help fund Thyroid UK - the charity whose forum you are now looking at!


I get mine via Genova. Thyroid Patient Advocacy has arranged a discount for TPA members. Off the top of my head - for T3, T4, TSH and antibodies i think it's under £100 - for all that plus RT3 i think it was just under £130. Go over to the TPA forum and check it out.



THYROID UK has an arrangement with Genova and relies heavily on the commission received in order to continue running.



I didn't know that, thanks


Hi I always use Blue Horizon , which is really a lab called TDL.I use them for lots of things, very helpful and efficient. Quote TUK 10 for a discount I use them to make up for what is lacking in the NHS. Intermediate test, TSH, T4 and Free T3 is about £60 with the discount. I use them as they are the same Lab as all the private hospitals use ( much cheaper ) therefore no problem in any doctor recognising and treating on the results.



Here's the link on the Thyroid UK website to the lab Jackie uses :)


Carolyn, Thanks, efficient as always. I forgot to give all the info., tired!

Best wishes,



That's ok. I sometimes forget too. Take care and try and get some rest :)


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