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Euthyrox vs.Tirosint, my first question here!

Hello, it's my first post, I'm hipo (after RAI in 2012 due to Graves) on 125mcg Euthyrox+some T3 but I not doing well on it. I would like to know if 125 levothyroxine has the same potency as 125mcg Tirosint? I would like to buy some Tirosint but I'm afraid that 125mcg of Tirosint is more potent than 125 Euthyrox . I going to order tirosint and I thought about I will start with a lower dose, my endo support me but she has no experience with this medicine. Where I live I can only buy Euthyrox. What do you think if I will start with 100mcg Tirosint. Thank you, any suggestions are welcome. Sorry for my English, I'm not native.

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