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New here question about dose

Hi all,

I'm on both levothyroxine 100mcg and liothyronine 12.5mcg for 4 weeks. My latest results before adding liothyronine are:

Tsh 0.05 (0.35-5.5)

Ft4 19 (12-22)

Ft3 4.7 (3.1-6.8)

I have had some improvement with adding lio but feel that I need more. Shall I increase lio or levo do you think? Was thinking levo and taking 100/125 alternative days. Read somewhere that it's ideal to just add 10 mcg liothyronine to your levothyroxine dose. What would you do? Will have test done in 6 weeks so if I want to increase I should do it now. All my vitamins are good.

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If those were my results, I would leave Levo at 100mcg and increase T3 to 18.75mcg and see how that goes.

Not medical advice, just my opinion from my own experience.

Read somewhere that it's ideal to just add 10 mcg liothyronine to your levothyroxine dose.

We're all individual and we need what we need, some people will do well on just 10mcg T3, some need far more.


Thanks you. What would be the symptoms too look out for of too much T3? Do you think if I increase liothyronine to 18.5 that it would pick my ft3 results over range?


When I changed from one brand to a different one that was stronger, I had very high blood pressure and a racing pulse of 117. You would notice any symptoms of too much T3 quite quickly, then you wouldn't take the next dose. I left it off a for two days then restarted at a lower dose. Other than that I can't say.

I don't think you would go over range from 4.7 (3.1-6.8) by adding another 6.25mcg T3


Thanks! How would you recommend taking that 18.75? What times during the day?


I started off splitting the dose 12.5mcg morning, 6.25mcg afternoon. But it messed up me having coffee and a biscuit in the afternoon if I wanted one with the ususal 'rule' of taking thyroid meds one hour before or two hours after food, water only, no tea, coffee, milk, etc. So I started taking it all at once before I got up in the morning. I found no difference. It works for me, but some people find they need to split the dose. Trial and error, whatever suits you best.


I just realised that you might have misunderstood me since someone else did. That result was before adding any t3. That means I have added 18.75mcg t3 since then. Do you think this is OK or likely too much? I am experiential a hearing my hard heart beat in my ears when walking up the stairs.


I can't say. Maybe you should retest - do that 6 weeks after the last increase.


I understand. Think I will keep it then since my temperature is only 36.6 and heart rate hasn't increased.

Thank you very much for your advice.


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