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NHS keep refusing full Thyroid Blood Test


I’ve now just rung my Dr’s for my blood results and for the 3rd time in as many weeks they have still not got my T4 and T3 test results despite me presenting with a 5kg gain in weight and a return of my symtoms when I was first diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.

My Dr at my last annual blood test decided to reduce my T4 intake despite my protest I went along with it stating that I expected my symptoms to return. I was right to the letter. Since the prescription change I have gained yet another 5kg and look like I’m pregnant. I have been waiting for my T3 results for 5weeks but the local bloods have not done them despite the Dr’s request.

I have bought some Cytomel and I’ve decided to trial 25ug per day to see if I can get this weight off again. Has anyone any suggestions as it is clear now that the NHS does not seem to want to help. I currently alternate 125ug-150ug of T4 each day should I reduce this or just pop the Cytomel on top??

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There's no information in your profile.

Have you got any test results to share? Any at all? What were the results that led to the reduction in Levo?

Have you had thyroid antibodies tested? Were they high and you have autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's?

Here in the UK it is the lab that makes the decision to test T3 even when requested. Most wont do it unless TSH is out of range. Some areas only test TSH now.

You would be very unwise to take T3 without getting a full thyroid panel - TSH, FT4 and FT3 all done at the same time. It is essential to know your FT3 before adding T3. And you certainly couldn't start taking T3 at 25mcg, it has to be introduced very slowly, starting at 1/4 of a tablet. Levo may need to be adjusted when starting T3 and regular testing to check levels is necessary.

I hope you didn't buy your T3 from a body building place, very dodgy!

It looks as though you may have to do what a lot of us here do and that is do your own tests with one of our recommended labs. You can do a home fingerprick test or have a venous blood draw if you prefer. They are accurate and reliable and the testing is done by accredited labs, same as the NHS.

As optimal levels of vitamins and minerals are very important for thyroid hormone to work, your best bet would be to get a thyroid/vitamin/mineral bundle

medichecks.com/thyroid-func... - this is on special offer until the end of the month with £20 off, a bargain.

bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/t... - same test as above but more expensive at the moment

It is extremely unlikely that an nhs lab will test an ft3 request from a gp if TSH is within range. In my area only an endocrinologist can get a lab to test ft3. If you were well on the higher dose of levothyroxine why do you not increase your dose to that and see if that helps you lose weight.

In order to add in additional t3 you really do need to know your ft3 and ft4 levels to ascertain if you have a conversion problem. Both Blue horizon and medichecks perform private blood tests which can give this information. If you don’t know this adding in t3 could over medicate you which can cause other problems. Liothyronine is considered to be 3-4 times more potent that levothyroxine, therefore 25mcg liothyronine is equivalent to 75-100mcg levothyroxine. It is also recommended that when starting it you start with a small dose of 5 mcg holding that dose for up to a week and observing for signs of over medication, fast resting heart rate, heat intolerance, increased anxiety before adding in a second 5 mcg dose later in the day. If you drop your levothyroxine dose remember it takes up to 6 weeks to stabilise.

It is also important to address vitamins and minerals especially vit d, vit b12 ferritin and folate as low levels effect the bodies ability to convert t4 to t3.

There is lots of useful information on this and thyroid uk website. Good luck.

I was taking 175ug Levothyroxine per day but never lost any weight just felt a bit better. I wonder whether I’m just no converting the T4 to the active T3. I already take Vitamin D anyway that was recommended by the Endo when I last saw him. I’m an electrician and fair skinned so I don’t get much sun as most of my work is indoors

I’m so bloated all the time it’s difficult doing my job and I’m so big around my waist now that it’s uncomfortable when I finally get chance to sit down. I’ll have to get the tv over and get the story going “NHS made me obese”.........

Thanks for the advice I’m just going to order the test now which TbH the NHS should be paying for!!!

I wouldn't start on 25mcg. It's too much. Start on 6.5mcg and raise it each week (or 3-4 days) by 6.5mcg a day. It's not a weight loss drug.

My local hospital wont do frees if your tsh is in range so nowci have to travel to my endos hospital 40 miles away to get them done-its ridiculous.😊😊

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