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Thyroid inflammation


Hi not posted for a while. I have been having my thyroid blood test every 3 months because doctor said they needed to keep a check because I might be developing hypo ( having had hyper twice ) I kept asking if the results of blood test were ok. Yes they said. So last time I said can I have a copy. After much discussion they finally said yes. But didn't get them instead I got a letter saying they wish to discuss results so I went to doctors who as now referred me to the hospital because they don't know how or if indeed I need any treatment. Doctor said I've had inflammation of the thyroid for a while even though my thyroid function is normal. I do believe if I hadn't asked for a print out of the results I wouldn't have been referred. Big thank you to grey goose who advised me ages ago to get print out of results.

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Wow! That's really something! Cheating so-and-sos! Glad you're getting some action, now, anyway!

I'd still insist on seeing the results - all of them.

That'd be eye opener - judging by your GP re-action

Go back and ask them for the print out.

Hi. I am almost 6 months of a thyroidectomy. My thyroid was so inflamed the doctor had to really tug to remove it. Before my surgery I was on prednisone to keep inflammation down

Burlingham in reply to LJGUTH73

Did you know something was wrong? Pain, Swelling?

Not had any pain. But am suffering with fatigue, weight gain, all my joints are mire painful and my hair has gone grey ( 2 older siblings still have natural hair colour) and feel slightly depressed. Sometimes I struggle very slightly when swallowing. But otherwise fine.

Hi Burlingham. After 25 years of struggling with Hypo and literally going 'mad' on thyroid meds of all kinds. A GP I visited over two years ago, suggested I have a thyroid scan. It was a life changer!! I was found to have half my thyroid had atrophied, and the other half was seriously inflamed!

After a totally useless consultation with a top Endo, who was condescending and supercilious, but who did mention in passing, that the inflammation might be controlled with anti-inflammatory tablets, I did more research.

I eventually deduced for myself, that the inflamed thyroid would swell and eventually explode an excess of thyroxine into my system...and with the thyroid tablets I was taking which exacerbated the problem...I literally was going off my rocker!! More than extreme anger, irritability and personality changes. It was hell!

I decided to wean myself off my thyroid tabs and began taking anti-inflammatories when I started to get angry or depressed.....they worked wonders! I can highly recommend normal anti-inflammatories for inflamed thyroids, only when you feel the symptoms escalating.

I have been off thyroid tabs for over two years, and have never felt better. I have recently begun taking a 'smidge' of a natural pigs thyroid, as I feel that perhaps my 'live' thyroid could be dying, and it might need some help. I am very aware of the essential functions of the thyroid and monitor my body's signs very closely.

I am nearly 70 and very active, adventurous and still trying to travel the world. The last Endo I saw at our local government hospital, a lady, was the closest I have come to someone listening and understanding my crazy body. She agreed with my coming off my thyroid tabs, as she maintained that in old age some people do not require as much thyroid meds.

Burlingham in reply to NtombiSA

I have been struggling with Rheumatoid / osteoarthritis ( they're not 100% sure if I have both) so have been taking naproxen/ Arcoxia on and off for years. Unfortunately I don't know which symptom is caused by what. All I know is I am fed up with extreme fatigue all the time and no strength or endurance.

Lspillane in reply to NtombiSA

Which anti inflammatory do you use?

NtombiSA in reply to Lspillane

I live in South Africa...and I use Diclo-flam (blackcurrant) distributed by Pharmacare.bpk

This tablet is known to have very little effect on the stomach, as other anti-inflammatories do. Many people I know also use this med when needed. I would not recommend using it continuously, unless you consult your doctor.

All I can hope is that this info will help many people with these dreadful symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

Burlingham in reply to NtombiSA

Thanks for the info

When I take them Arcoxia 2 30mg 3 times aday. Used to be Naproxen. Can't remember dosage.

Hi Burlingham,

I'm about to start experimenting with Vit D3 and Magnesium. My body (or thyroid) is ultra sensitive to anything I eat or tabs I take, so I will start with a minute dose. I have tried Slow-Mag before and it definitely gave me 'voomha'.....but seemed to make me depressed as well.

I will let you know how my trial run has worked out. You have to keep fighting, researching and be determined to find a solution for YOU. Everyone reacts differently.

So do you have any results on the print-out you could share ?

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