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Thyroid tests 'in normal range' what next?

I have been feeling ill for as long as I can remember. My symptoms: dizziness, vertigo, tired all the time, gained weight, feel cold all the time (drives hubby mad because the gas bill is huge!) severe PMT, aching bones, dry straw like hair, flaky skin, sore throat with swollen glands, hoarse voice.

I am currently having ovarian suppression (Prostap) for my severe PMT and using Oestrogel for my HRT.

I recently had a few serious dizzy spells and went to see my GP who said I had Labyrinthitis and gave me tablets. I had a blood test for Thyroid problems which I feel is closer to the mark as to what is wrong with me.

Just phoned GP for results and were told they were 'normal in range' but couldn't tell me specifics although I can get a print out if I go down there.

What next? I have a gut feeling my thyroid is making me ill but now my results are in normal range I doubt my GP will refer me or do anything else.

Should I just settle in and live with feeling ill or is going private (which I can't really afford) the only way?

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Never settle. So much more is possible!

Get the print out, and post the numbers - including the lab's reference range (number in brackets) - here. People here will be able to help point you in the right direction.


Hi Skyrocket.

I too am on prostap injections, I go every 10 weeks. I have severe pcos. I too am on HRT, Livial.

I have been on them for 2 and a half years, and have felt ill for the last 15 months or so. My gynae has ensured that the prostap doesnt cause any of the symptoms that we are feeling.

Ring the receptionist and ask for the results again, with the reference ranges, and hopefully that will show something better xx

Ann xx


Thank you so much for your replies!

I am going to the GPs in half an hour and getting my print out so will come back and post the results.

ChemicalAngel did the Gynae say whether the HRT could affect results of tests for thyroid problems?

I have PMDD but was interested to see that severe PMT could be a side affect of thyroid issues!


Always get a copy of your blood tests for your own records. At least you will know when you eventually become 'normal' when you feel well again. Ranges do not mean much if you are suffering.



Mine said that nothing I was taking would give the symptoms we are feeling, nor will any of it interfere with test results for any illnesses.

A lot of gynae issues can be linked to thyroid problems xx


Ok got my results, I think...

It says:

Serum TSH level (XaELV) Result: 0.97mu/L (0.2-4.0)

Does that sound right?

Also I am on Estrogel would that affect my results?


Anyone please? I think I get that my TSH is probably ok but what should I do next?

I've been so ill and it kind of reasonates with me that it could be my thyroid.

Can I ask, if I am Hypo, which I seem to tick so many boxes for, wouldn't my TSH be higher?


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