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Do the blood test I received have anything to do with diagnosing Thyroid problems??

I had my blood tested after finding a large lump on my neck which has caused me difficulty breathing and swallowing. The Dr. said they would give me a blood test to make sure my Thyroid is functioning ok.

I phoned up for my results and was told 'they are out of the ranges but are normal'. Then I reached a brick wall when I asked what are the ranges that are abnormal. The nurse couldn't tell me the answer. So today I decided to go into my surgery and request a print out of my results. The receptionist sat literally umming and ahhing and not saying a thing and made up every excuse she could think of to NOT print out my results. She went from - The printer is broken all the way to I can't have them in case I misplace them. So after me telling them that I have a RIGHT to MY own results did she give in and give them to me.

I had 3 different tests done but she has only given me 2 print outs I want to see if any of these are an indication of thyroid functioning or if she has magically avoided given me the ONE test result I needed.

I have a FBC which was ABNORMAL due to a high amount of Large unsustained cells (I'm not too sure what that means.

Then on the other sheet I have

Serum Cholesterol, Urea and electrolytes (Abnormal - Low)

Liver function

Plasma C reactive protein

R Lipids

Are any of these what is used to test thyroid function?? Or are they avoiding giving me my Thyroid results.

The status also says NK which I THINK means natural killer. Does anyone know what that is?

Thanks in advance.


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I dont think any of the above will give a doctor indications as to your thyroid function but I could be wrong. FBC stand for full blood count and is used to tell if you are anaemic or are suffering an infection among other things. Your thyroid function test should have a reading for your TSH (thryoid stimulating hormone) test, a FT4 test and possible (but not likely) a FT3 test. These are not know as anything else so it looks like the receptionist was very good at giving you the runaround. If it were me I would be phoning the practice manager first thing in the morning and asking what the hell is going on, why you are being refused copies of your tests and if the results are abnormal (which the receptionist said they were) why you have not been called into the surgery to discuss them.

Hope yiu get your answers and when you do (cos you sound like someone who wont be messed around) let us know what they were wont you.

Moggie x


The single most likely test for thyroid function would be TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. Followed by Free T4.

You had me searching for "Large unstained cells" :-)

White Blood Cell Technology—

Gold Standard Methodology

The ADVIA Hematology Systems utilize peroxidase staining—the gold

standard in differential testing. The primary method of the ADVIA

Hematology Systems, peroxidase staining also provides a secondary total

white cell count that acts as an internal QC check to monitor sample integrity.

The Peroxidase Method

Cytochemical reaction is a two-stage chemistry method using the

intracellular myeloperoxidase enzyme to differentiate cells using stain and

size characteristics. The cells are analyzed by the addition of the peroxidase

enzyme substrate. Absorbance of the white light from the tungsten light

source is a measure of the peroxidase reaction. In addition to the standard

five-population differential, the ADVIA Hematology Systems report an

additional population called large unstained cells (LUCs). These cells are

usually virally activated lymphocytes, plasma cells, hairy cells, pediatric

lymphocytes, or peroxidase negative blasts.

However, I do not know the clinical significance of a high result.



Re large unstained cells (LUC):

"A raised LUC score in a sample of acutely ill patients seems to be a marker for a range of virus infections. No additional blood sample is required, as the LUC score is obtained from a routine full blood count.

Other causes of a raised LUC score which should be excluded before a viral cause is looked for are: leukaemia; chronic renal failure; postoperative response; and malaria. A normal LUC score does not exclude viral infection as not all viruses may cause an increased LUC count.

If the clinical details suggest viral infection and the LUC score is raised we suggest an [Epstein-Barr virus] EBV IgM test, followed by routine serological screening on the initial acute and convalescent sera, if EBV infection is not detected."



She has indeed managed to avoid giving you the thyroid results. You need to go back and ask for them and make an appointment with your doctor. She does not have the right to withhold these results if they were indeed available. If a thyroid function test was not done, I would insist on one. There is no good reason not to do one if you have symptoms as it is a remarkably common problem. You might want to consider a complaint if you don't get the results you need next time.

Large unstained cells are large lymphocytes (white blood cells) but I don't understand the implications of this I'm afraid. I think it may be high numbers due to a viral infection. This would also explain the 'natural killers' reference. I think you really need to speak to your doctor about this and ask why you can't have your thyroid test results. It may just be that they are not back yet, or it could be the receptionist being a pain. You need to talk to them to find out.

I hope you get some answers!

Carolyn x


They have been a bit shady about my results which I dont understand. What could they possibly gain.

My blood was taken 3 weeks ago and after a week I phoned up and they said its all back. The nurse wouldn't tell me anything so I thought as I was in town ill check them out. I dont think they would have given them to me if I wasnt pushy. Her excuses were just a joke. I dont know how she thought she could get away woth them.

Im desperate for my results as I am pregnantand I want everything to go smoothly. My midwife told me that if I had a thyroid condition it wouldn't afffect me this early in the pregnancy but I am unconvinced as surely if I have a problem Id need treating regardless how far along I am. Ive not been ill so Im not sure why my LUC would be HIGH. I might have to go back to the surgery and if they won't give me my actual Thyroid results which was what the test was suppose to be for then I will demand to be retested and the file an official complaint. Im fed up of being sent round the houses when all I want is a piece of paper with numbers on.

Thank you all for your replies. I did think what I had wasnt what I needed but I thought id double check before I went to complain.


No wonder you are worried. Being pregnant now affects your baby and that's very important. Normally TSH and Free T4 are the only tests the NHS allows I guess. But since you seem to have a goiter or cyst or something on your neck you need to get answers. If your thyroid is under attack, they should do an antibody test. These are some of the tests to look at:

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I think you will find that NK means not known x


Do not be messed around with at all does happen and not right!! see your doctor again one you know whom you can share your concerns with, one that listens and does not keep looking at his watch which I have experianced with one in our surgery grrr..

I really do not know why they have to be as they are these days but doing the job right would be helpful ..not sending you away without answers ...

Good Luck and go back ...Margaret


Why can't they ever seem to explain anything to the patient properly. Good luck!


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