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UPDATE To Vitamin Testing



So Medichecks Vit results were:

ACTIVE B12 75.400 pmol/L 25.10



FOLATE (SERUM) 7.74 ug/L 2.91



25 OH VITAMIN D *30.8 nmol/L 50.00



NHS Results were:

B12 732 (range: 180-1000)

Vit D: 51 (range 30-100)

Folate: 11.2 (range 3-20)

Not sure of the measurements here the doctor went through them so fast on the phone!

DIY Supplementing:

Folate: 400ug/day

Vit D: 25ug x 2/day

B12 1000 mcg/day

Selenium: 200mcg/day

Also cutting out gluten.

As expected B12 looks ok, but then the Medichecks was measuring active B12, doctor has confirmed that my surgery will not test for Pernicious Anaemia, so can only assume that this might be happening?

I do feel slightly brighter at the moment, but I don't' feel stable if that makes sense. My doctor has literally just signed me off and said that my levels don't warrant further investigation, and that if I choose to continue to supplement then that is my choice.

There is no more support available for me. I need to return for a Thyroid function test at the end of May.

I will re-do the vit tests at Medichecks in May too, but other than that I think that I have to begin to accept that this is as well as I can be and see what the next few months of supplementing and gluten restriction does for me - I may well be pleasantly surprised!! Fingers crossed!! :)

Thanks again to all you wonderful people - your knowledge is inspiring!

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You should really be taking a B Complex as you are supplementing with B12, it balances all the B vitamins. Thorne B is a good one and contains 400mcg methylfolate.


Vit D: 51 (range 30-100)

Is the unit of measurement NMOL/L or NG/ML.

I ask because the Medichecks result of 25 OH VITAMIN D *30.8 nmol/L (50.0-200.00) was just 0.8 short of the level where loading doses should be given. If it's 51nmol/L then you really need 5000iu daily at the moment then retest after 3 months. Once you've reached the level recommended by the Vit D Council (100-150nmol) then you can reduce to a maintenance dose which may be 2000iu, maybe more or less, it's trial and error.

As you're taking Vit D then you need it's important cofactors magnesium and Vit K2-mk7


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