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Sources of T3 without prescription

Hi all,

I have had an under active thyroid for 23 years (it was over active for a few weeks at first before it went low). It has been fairly stable on 100mcg Levothyroxine and I have managed quite well (apart from early nights and the need for 9 hours sleep). Results from my GP from July 2017 were as follows:

TSH 0.38 (0.3 - 5)

Free T4 13.4 (7.9 - 16)

Recently I felt very anxious and started to lose weight (although this has stopped) so I asked Blue Horizon to test my thyroid.

Results are surprising: 24.3.18

Total T4 118 (59 - 154 nmol/L)

TSH 0.22 (0.27 - 4.2 m/u/L)

Free thyroxine 22.8 (12 - 22pmol/L)

Free T3 4.3 (3.1 - 6.8 pool/L)

Thyroglobulin antibody 18.3 (0 - 115)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 93 (0 - 34iu/ml)

I have injections for B12 deficiency and am no longer symptomatic.

I take the required vitamins and eat a healthy diet for thyroid and b12 def.

Grey Goose has suggested that I might not be converting T4 to T3 and may benefit from trying some.

Could anyone tell me where to get it and how much to take please as currently I'm so tired I'm not able to do much at the moment at all?

Many thanks

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Do you have Hashimoto's also called autoimmune thyroid disease diagnosed by high thyroid antibodies

If so are you on strictly gluten free diet?

Have you had folate, ferritin and vitamin D tested recently. These are very often far too low as well

As you have B12 injections do you also supplement vitamin B complex to keep B vitamins all balanced. One with folate in rather than folic acid

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results


Thanks for your reply. I take a raw multi vitamin with digestive enzymes and probiotics, inc 300mcg of biotin (didn’t know that could interfere with results although I was feeling very anxious and was losing weight) with D3 k2 drops, magnesium glycinate.

I have recently found out I have high thyroid peroxidase anti bodies, but not sure if Hashi’s or Graves. I’ve been gluten free for a few months but that’s not likely to help if it’s graves 😫


Generally multivitamins not recommended on here

Likely to have iodine in and that’s not recommended with Hashimoto’s

Just a good vitamin B complex with folate in (but stop taking 5 days before any blood tests because of biotin)

Important to test vitamin D. Too little or too much are bad for us

High TPO is usually due to Hashimoto’s


Thanks for all that information. I thought I knew more than I actually do, but i’m Learning all the time. Many thanks, Karen


Hashimoto's often affects the gut and leads to low stomach acid and then low vitamin levels

Low vitamin levels can affect Thyroid hormone working

Poor gut function can lead leaky gut (literally holes in gut wall) this can cause food intolerances. Most common by far is gluten

According to Izabella Wentz the Thyroid Pharmacist approx 5% with Hashimoto's are coeliac, but over 80% find gluten free diet helps significantly. Either due to direct gluten intolerance (no test available) or due to leaky gut and gluten causing molecular mimicry (see Amy Myers link)

gluten free also helps Graves. Though you are more likely to have Hashimoto's

If not had vitamin D, folate, ferritin tested, ask GP to do so

The fact you are on B12 injections suggests your gut is affected. Low vitamins are then common

Links about avoiding iodine


Thank you for all that information. It certainly seems that gluten is a major factor in things not progressing well. I will keep my gluten free diet up and hope that it helps. Yes i do think i have low stomach acidity and leaky gut. I will hopefully get some t3 and see if that helps. One step at a time, eh?

Many thanks,


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