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Recent blood results


So I wondered if you could help me with my recent blood results and let me know if I'm on the right track. So doctor receptionist told me I'm all ok so I just laughed and asked for a print out. I'm on 75mg of levo tried T3 but made me worse (12.5mcg)also I've put on 3 stone in a short amount of time.

B12 =927 pg/ml (180.0-914.0)

FOLATE =12ng/ml (4.0-20.0)

VIT D= 80NMOL/L (75-250)nmol/L.

TSH = 2.23 mu/L (0.3-5.6)

FT4= 10.1pmol/L (6.3-14.0)

FT3 asked for but not tested.

Kind regards

Clare x

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B12 and Folate are very good.

Vit D could do with nudging up to the level recommended by the Vit D Council which is 100-150nmol.

As for your thyroid results, how do you feel? You look to be undermedicated as it's generally said that a treated hypo patient feels best when TSH is 1 or below with FT4 and FT3 in the upper part of their ranges.

FT3 testing is decided by the lab regardless of whether your GP requests it. They don't normally test unless TSH is below range. If you want to know your level you could do a home fingerprick test with Medichecks or Blue Horizon, but do a test bundle rather than a stand alone FT3 so that you can see if you are converting T4 to T3 well enough. You would need TSH, FT4 and FT3 done at the same time. And if antibodies haven't been tested they're always useful, also vitamins and minerals.


Hi SeasideSusie,

Thank you for your reply, I feel ok still get very tired and I've recently got cystic acne over my face as well as weight gain so this has got me down, my skin is still very dry and my nails are very brittle, my hair is ok but I'm using a special shampoo to help. So do you think I should ask to go up to 100mg of levo instead of current 75mg? I'm considering the natural T4 I'm not sure what the name is ...Armour?

Many thanks x


There is plenty of room to increase your dose of Levo and your symptoms are those of undermedication. I always knew I was undermedicated because the skin on my legs was so dry that when I took my trousers off there was a shower of dry skin.

Natural T4 - that is actually a mix of T3 and T4 made from pig's thyroid gland. That's the only natural thing about it, the rest is synthetic excipients /fillers to actually make the tablets. It's called Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) and there are several brands, Armour being the most expensive.


Thank you very much for your reply x


Yes the aim is to get the FT4 and the FT 3 readings in the top third or even the top quarter of their respective ranges. You are hovering around half way with your FT4 so you need an increase.

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Thank you for your reply I will arrange a doctors appointment for tomorrow.

Many thanks


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