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Thoughts on “mass market” supplements


If you read the other threads you will see if I am making great progress with magnesium oil each day and I claimed another 5 mile distance training PB today. So all good.

I noticed in my cupboard I have large quantities of expensive very high strength multivits and I thought I would drop all my other supplements for a couple of weeks just to see what happened. I was half wondering if the magnesium dosage improvements could have made up for any reductions in the quality of stuff in a mass market vitamin pill.

I will be polite here and not name and shame of course.

The differences I note are as follows:

-Not having more absorbable D/zinc/B/selenium absolutely wrecks sleep patterns

- stopping black cumin seed oil makes a huge impact on exercise resilience in terms of ease of breathing under hard aerobic conditions

- beef liver capsules again makes a real difference for endurance and energy and degree of overheating etc

Those on these threads who have been round the loop many times can smile at my experiences - but these supplements cost a lot of money and I really want to understand what effect they have.

So to confirm I have reordered chelated supplements and will go back on black cumin seed and beef liver capsules.

I fully accept that some have responded that they don’t find benefit and all I can say is run a flat out 5 mile run after a month of taking them daily - stop them for 2 weeks and repeat exercise and just feel how different breathing patterns are.

It is quite the most miraculous stuff I have ever taken - and that is not to be taken as advice for anyone else as I always say the official research is not widely “proven “

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And shock horror I read on the label plenty of iodine, choline and soya lecithin :)

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