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Animal supplements liver vs thyroid

I am now a couple of months into using dedicated beef liver capsules to aid recovery and help my liver etc. They are taken from drug free cattle in Argentina and I imagine as safe as you can make it.

There is a heap of stuff of the benefits and these have been discussed on these boards already.

That said, I have never done anything like this before and have been really pleased with progress. They are very much long term keepers.

I have read that I can also buy capsules of pig thyroid from New Zealand on line to more directly help thyroid activity and discussed with my wife who was slightly horrified at the thought.

It left me thinking why is one seen as OK and not the other ? I guess we have culturally been eating calves liver since the beginning of time and it is not widely understood practice to do the same for pigs thyroid.

So this other option eludes me for now. I will hope that I can continue to manage on levo plus supplements and not need to go to this further option.

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Pig thyroid glands were first introduced in 1892 and were the only thyroid hormone replacements to be offered to people. Before that they died a horrible death.

I doubt they were in capsule form at that time.

Nowadays Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones are still available and contain all of the hormones a healthy gland would provide.

However, I have come across the following link when I 'googled' liver and thyroid:-

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Thanks, are you aware of some on here who have bought the capsules on line without GP specific instruction.

Have they then stoped Levo dose to compensate.

Just feels odd that this is all available outside of the GP protocols.


It is Dr Lowe's widow who now deals with Thyro Gold. It is not against the law to buy our own thyroid hormones - as many on this forum would be up the creek without a paddle. These are some past posts:

I am not medically qualified but some people's bodies just cannot cope with synthetic hormones.


GPs in the UK only prescribe levothyroxine, in accordance with the rules they have been given. Some private Endocrinologists will prescribe others but as Thyro-gold isn't a prescription hormone doctors don't need to prescribe.

Most on this forum wouldn't have recovered their health if they followed the NHS guidelines.

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It is 'odd' but the fact that people are restricted to levothyroxine alone and that prescription T3 has recently been withdrawn which caused immense panic by those who need it to be well and also without prior notice - (T3 which is the only active thyroid hormone).

The majority of the 70,000 on this forum did not or cannot get well on levothyroxine and many remain undiagnosed as the UK states not to prescribe until TSH is 10 but they have crippling symptoms . Whereas in other countries they are diagnosed when it is 3+.

Levothyroxine (T4) is an inactive synthetic thyroid hormone and has to convert to T3.

Members have been forced to source their own or NDT (which was also withdrawn), which isn't a criminal act and they are now well.

The clamp-down by those in authority who should know better but unfortunately seem to know far less. Theories don't equate with knowledge and we, the patients, have more knowledge of what suits us and makes us well to have a normal, healthy life. We are dealing with life-giving hormones, without which we would die an awful death i.e.

We also know of another woman who foretold her suicide and left a letter for the coroner. It is a tragedy.

Even though the above link states it is now 'rare' we had a post about a week or two ago and the person was admitted to hospital with myxedema coma.

NDT which was, at one time, the only one to be prescribed and it contains all of the hormones a healthy gland would produce, i.e. T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. Patients were diagnosed upon clinical symptoms alone and given a trial of NDT and a little while ago another doctor said that we, the patients, were in Parlous Situations due to the deference nowadays to a blood test result and not symptoms.

Dr Lowe would never have prescribed levothyroxine only NDT or T3. It makes sense to have all of the hormones our thyroid gland cannot now produce.

The reason T3 was withdrawn last year was due exhorbitant rise in cost from above £30 per month to over £600 p.m. but we don't understand how it rose to an astronomical cost. Was the NHS being ripped off?

Regarding NDT - rumours began and the Authorities withdrew it. Despite the following being sent to the BTA and RCoP and being sent three yearly reminders before his death, Dr Lowe never did get a response. As a scientist he would have made absolutely sure everything was perfect.


The New Zealand product was invented by one of our Advisers, Dr John Lowe (deceased). It is called Thyro-gold and he made it especially so it didn't need a prescription.


Many thanks and much new stuff to read.

I will keep for now on my levo plus supplements and read on all this in the background.

It is great to think there is a possible plan B as backup.


Levo works for many.


Crikey, I was only ever offered levo and left to get on with it.

If I had realised about these other options like NDT i might not have pushed as hard as I have into making T3 conversion work etc etc and making the best of it soto speak with levo.

But we are where are, and i absolutely believe levo with a host of add ons can be made to work but in reality it should not really have taken engaging directly with a number of top USA based experts to get me there.

Where on Earth is expertise here in U.K.??????


Your comment on many not coping with levo has got me curious. How far have others gone to get t3 conversion to work etc.

I can very much get it that you can lose hope without direct support from USA experts via web.


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