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low moods and Hashimotos

Hi all

Just watched a short video about the thyroid/ brain connection in which the guy talks about a connection between having Hashimotos with low T3 and low mood.

He discusses how our feel-good and bounce back neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin are reduced are affected by low levels of T3 which are caused by having Hashimotos .

He states that Hashimotos is a "multi system problem" and to increase levels of T4 will not help with brain fog and low mood and to improve these conditions we need to increase our levels of serotonin and dopamine along with two other neurotransmitters.

Has anyone here got any advice for persons like myself that have Hashimotos with low T3, Low mood and a bleak outlook on life without these essential neurotransmitters.

How can we improve our T3, ive read contradictory evidence in this area eg, if you become more active your body will naturally produce more T3, like a supply and demand type of loop but how does that explain exhaustion and slow recovery after exertion. Has my body decided that now that im taking synthetic T4 it has fell out with me and wont make the extra T3 i need to get me through the day and my T4 supplier wont give me any T3 but offers sedatives instead like olanzapine and the new one ive recently been recommended for amitriptyline, Hmmmm,

Most of the fingers of evidence seem to point at low T3 as the culprit for all our low mood and problems, now be it that we may be insufficient converters of T4 or nutrient deficient and have poor absorption issues our individual reasons are not being explained and remedied and we are left with this half life existence syndrome, if you look like me could easily be mistake for the living dead.

So why wont my supplier give me T3, Well in my case i have had issues with my heart which is a straight no for T3 top up. If anyone has any advice on 1, how i can increase my serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters essential for bounce back and feel good factors and quality of life. 2, Extract a manageable explanation from either GP or Endocrinologist why there supply of T4 is inadequately converting to desired and required amount of T3 for quality of life. 3, Explain why its ok to give me other drugs with contraindications when it suits them but when its T3 its a knock back.

If T3 really is the missing link here and the NHS cannot afford the cost as so many people have a need for it what do we do. Suggestions PLEASE.

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This is the link for the above post

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You might find this GPs explanation of interest


Re: "new one ive recently been recommended for amitriptyline"

Only comment is that it make will probably make you sleepy and hopefully calmer.


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