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Synthetic HRT?

My gynaecologist suggested we try Femoston 2/10 for hot flushes. Has anyone tried this or a similar drug? For the past few years, I've been on Oestrogel and Utrogestan prescribed by Hertoghe doctor, but the hot flushes have been getting worse lately and therefore my gynaecologist suggested we try Femoston instead (I'm 49). However, I've read that you should not take estrogen orally, and the Hertoghe doctors advocate the use of bio-identical hormones. Femoston contains synthetic estradiol and progesterone. But I also read that this warning concerned older drugs, and that newer drugs carry much lower risks.

So I'd like to hear from others having tried Femoston or a similar drug; that is, synthetic HRT taken orally. If you've also used bio-identical hormones, how did synthetic HRT work compared to bio-identical hormones?

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I had femiston, I blew up like a balloon on that, hair started falling out by handfuls, It is in the PIL as a side affect.. I tried another one Indivina and didn't do well some side affects but not as bad as femiston

In the end I researched and found the Marina coil which is most natural progesterone on NHS ) l and Sandrena Estradiol gel which come in little sachets , I rub onto thigh before go to bed , I haven't had any side affects at all


Thanks. That does not sound very encouraging...I have done some research and of course all drugs have side effects, but yours seem worse than anything I've come across so far...interesting.

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Anna - I cannot emphasis enough my views about HRT.

Oral oestrogen caused a huge fibroid to grow in my womb and resulted in a hysterectomy. After my hysterectomy, the consultant Gynae prescribed transdermal patches 'to protect my heart and prevent osteoporosis'. I was assured that the transdermal hormone was less risky as it bypassed the liver. The enclosed Patient Leaflet indicated for me a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting Breast Cancer.

My Breast Cancer was diagnosed in 2011 and was oestrogen positive. I was left in no doubt my my oncologist that the HRT had caused the cancer. I was prescribed Arimidex to eradicate all cancer from my body. Before they gave it me they did a baseline DEXA scan for Osteoporosis as the drug (lack of oestrogen) can cause this condition. Lo and behold, I already had Osteoporosis.

Soon after my BC surgery and before any radiotherapy, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer (another Primary, not a secondary. )

Links between Thyroid Cancer and HRT are emerging through current research. If my Thyroid cancer had been diagnosed after my radiotherapy, that would have been blamed. It is not uncommon for women to be diagnosed with TC after BC and the assumption is understandable.

So - I have a total thyroidectomy and then my body is filled with synthetic Levo and T3 which has caused nerve damage in my legs. (Many people use these successfully though) I've only made progress - huge progress - since taking NDT.

The best hormones are your own but sometimes we just have to make decisions based on our own advocacy.

Good luck with whatever YOU decide.

In the meantime - it's not all bad news. I can recommend Sage (Nature's Best) as a quality supplement which kicks hot flushes in the butt. I've recommended it to many friends and they are all amazed at the result. It has to be a quality product though.

Take care


Could you recommend one high quality sage supplement?


Yes. Natures Best (see website sold online only). Natures Best products are all high quality using high quality ingredients




I wouldn't use syntheric HRT - esp not synthetic progesterone, it's a really nasty substance. Can't you get compounded bioidenticals so the dose suits you personally? I have sublingual lozenges as creams just didn't work for me - so that's sort of oral. My friend who had synthetic HRT went from a B to a G cup and has never been free of breast discomfort.


Interesting and scary! I don't know if it's possible to get compounded bioidenticals in Belgium, but could ask my hormone doctor at my next does sound like synthetic HRT is to be avoided.

Thanks to all for your input!


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