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I’m new here - Returning to Scotland from the USA - currently take Nature-Throid

I am returning to Scotland after 33 years in the USA. We will be settling in the Musselburgh area. I have hypothyroidism and take 2 and a half grains of Nature-Throid a day. I see my regular GP every 3 months and have blood work done prior to a visit so she can check my levels. I will be returning with a 3-month supply of Nature-Throid, a letter from my GP and also a copy of my most recent blood work. Is there anything else that you recommend I bring back with me? Thanks in advance and I’m thrilled to bits to be returning.

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Yes a shipping load of Nature Thyroid or a large wallet because getting it in the UK you need to be rich


Hi Returning, Im in the US but just wanted to say I'm happy you getting back home . Both my parents were immigrants ( from elsewhere ) so I can imagine your happiness 🤗👍

PS Im hypo too but on levo & cytomel, hopefully someone can chime in w tips 🌸

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Cannot offer any info re NDT. You will see a lot of (good) changes in Musselburgh and Lucas (best ice-cream in the world) is still going strong! Enjoy!


Welcome to the forum, Returning.

NDT isn't licensed for UK use so you are very unlikely to get it prescribed on the NHS. Levothyroxine is the replacement NHS prescribe. Most members using NDT have private prescriptions or buy online and self medicate.

You might want to ask your US doctor if you can have enough NDT to tide you over 6 months to a year.

You can get bloodwork on NHS but depending on your practice it may not include FT3 or even FT4. You can order private labs though.


Hi Clutter. Is there an exchange schedule that equates NDT grains with levothyroxine microgram doses? ie: my current levo dose( Which I think is low) is 125 mcg. What would this be in NDT terms and how would one raise the NDT appropriately? Thanks, irina1975


Dear returning, I returned to the uk 2months ago from Asia. I had a great doctor in Asia who really understood my Hashimoto condition. I also had access to armour and erfa, which worked for really well for me.

I gave my uk gp a copy of all my latest blood tests and showed her my medication. She was not interested.

I agree with the other responses; bring as much medication back with you as you can. My doctor gave me 6months

I have also been searching out really useful sites like this one.

I believe ultimately the only route will be self testing (which I am still researching) and buying medication on line.

Sorry if this all sounds depressing but the uk nhs doesn’t appear from my limited experience to date, to be a route that will be of benefit.

I will keep reading the replies to your question as it will be useful for me too.

Good luck...


Thank you very much for your responses.

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