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Changing from T3 to Nature Throid

My endo is changing me from 40mcgs Liothyonine to Nature Throid.

She had prescribed 2grains.

Is this OK to go on straight away?

She said it is as been on straight T3

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Yes, you can switch straight away. 1 gr of NDT (Naturethroid) is roughly equal to 25mcg T3.


Hi shows

Should I split the daily dose of 2grains or take it all at once x


I take my dose once daily. For me it is more convenient and feel well, so I don't have to bother with carrying meds around, remembering, alarms etc etc.

This is an excerpt and go to November 21, 2003 to read the whole question/a excerpt:

If a new dose of Armour contains too little T4 and T3 to benefit you, you’ll have to go through another evaluation period. And you’ll have to do this again and again until you find what I call your "therapeutic window"—a small dosage range that optimally benefits you without overstimulating you. That optimal dosage range is highly individual, but historically, the typical patient’s therapeutic window has been somewhere between 120 to 240 mg (2 to 4 grains). There’s no way to accurately predict what your therapeutic window is. Until you find it, you may not improve much from the Armour. But once you do, you’re likely to feel that the wait was well worth it.


Go to the question/a dated January 30, 2002 to read question/a on this link.



130396, Did you split dose T3? Take NatureThroid the same way you took T3.

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Hi Clutter

Yes I split my 40mcgs into.....20mcgs on waking 10mcgs lunchtime and 10mcgs at 5am. So how would I go about splitting a 2grain tablet?


130396, well for simplicity you could take 1 grain morning and 1 grain evening but otherwise try 1 grain morning and split the other tablet into 1/2 grain lunchtime and 1/2 grain evening.


Take it all at once. You then can lead a more normal life without the thyroid gland dominating your life.

Take note of your pulse/temp about 3 times a day initially and if you think you are taking a bit too much, just miss your dose the following day and drop down by 1/4 tablet at a time.

Sometimes our temp doesn't come back to normal but if you took too much you would be too hot, very fast pulse etc.


I get too hot sometimes anyway especially in the summer. Sweat buckets from my head and face but not my body.

My pulse resting is usually about 72bpm and my temp in the afternoon usually raises to about 37,1

Can ndt improve sleep. I have very disruptive sleep.

Also can it alleviate butterflies in tummy?

Endo says typical hypo


When you are on the right hormone for you (whatever it may be) sleep should improve as well as any symptoms you have.


Thank you shaws.

Been hypo for 28years

But suddenly levo stopped working. Had conversion problem and high T4 very low t3. Butterflies in tummy started and not stopped since.

Even going on T3 only for months hasn't corrected my tsh. When endo doubled t3 dose strange ad it is my tsh increased.

She said t3 is a rougher treatment Than ndt.

She says it works well for difficult patients.

Thanks for your reply x


If you've been hypo for 28 years you have my sympathy.

I wonder if you were on Eltroxin initially, which they stopped producing last year and chemists can only get generic levo.

I found T3 very calming as I had severe palps on levo only. I am well on T3 only as GP won't prescribe NDT.

Of all the NDTs Nature-Throid I found best as it's hypoallergenic.

I hope whatever you take that it alleviates all of your symptoms.

I think your body just doesn't like synthetic thyroid hormones.

I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you so much for you lovely kind words.

I was originally just on plain thyroxine. Then few years ago they changed name to levothyroxine.

Endo said sometimes when a person has been on levo for several years the body just says ice had enough if just T4..... Give me some real stuff


I Take it all at once. The hormones in NDT are thought to be bound, not free thereby making it slower release and a less bumpy ride. I much prefer NDT to t3 and t4. Lucky you persuading your endo. Here is a link explaining it...... thyroid-s.com/natural-desic...

Xx. G


Sky decided this link was to adult porn and prevented access from my pad,managed to get it on my pc.


Lol...... Thyroid not yet reached the level of porn..... its not THAT interesting. :-).



is your endo private or NHS?


So sorry. I've just seen this question. My endo us private. She us lovely


Private endo


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