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Thyroid change from Levo to Nature Throid

I was taking 75mcg Levothyroxine and 25mcg Liothronine and my Dr prescribed 81.25mg of Nature Throid. Its been 5 days, first 3 were good now y 1pm I can't hold my eyes open.

Does it take some time to transition.

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You've swapped to a comparatively lower dose of THs. I think 81mcg is 1 1/4 grains of NDT, when you'd been taking the synthetic equivalent of nearly 2 1/4.. My Maths might be wrong as I've been awake all night, but I think the T4 component is about the same, & you've taken a big drop in T3, to about 11mcg.

Can you ask your GP to increase your Nature Thyroid?

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t3 =4x the amount of t4 but it wears off since it is not storage...

I was on 100 synthroid t4 and take 2 grains nature throid....you are very under medicated....the charts online I have not found to be true conversion charts....

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Yes it takes time to adjust and I also felt I needed more NDT than Levo dose. As I self medicate I just upped my dose every couple of weeks until I felt well.

Talk to your Dr about increasing your dose.

Wow to get that prescribed from a GP is amazing, lucky you!!


IS IT TRUE that NDT is often a larger dose? This is potentially great news. Especially after waking up this morning and loudly proclaiming and crying and so on like AN EMOTIONAL TORNADO.

EIGHT days ago I switched from levo (75) and T3 (10) to 1 and a half grains of Armour Thyroid. I don't know what's happening to me. I can't even begin to describe the symptoms. I feel like my mind and my body are two separate vehicles designed to tear me apart. I also have likely started a second period for the month. Irrationality is winning.



I found that to be true, but that is only my experience. My doctor changed me from 125mcg Levo to 1.25 grains of Armour NDT (supposedly equivalent to 90 mcg Levo) - but remember that you are now getting T3 so theoretically you don't need to be back at the exact equiv of 125mcg Levo. HOWEVER.... that was baloney for me and I upped my dose to 1.5 grains which is still slightly under par but much better. My doc thinks I am still on 1.25 grains but there is no point in arguing since while is is quite a good Endo he only looks at TSH and TT4 - I am not sure why, he is quite brilliant in other ways, maybe he is to busy to read around his subject.


hahaha - every one's having fun, good to see.

NDT dosing (This is my opinion and feel free to ignore.)

You start on 30 or 60mg per day for a few weeks.

Increase by 30mg per day every few weeks.

Do this until you get a bad reaction, like pounding heart or feeling hot or tingling feet, lips hands etc.

At this point remove 30mg from your daily dose and run along at this dose for a few weeks.

Try increasing again and you should get the bad reaction but you may not. Either stay or drop back. This process of fine tuning will go for 6-12 months.

Now you have found your base dose. To check, hold you arms straight out in front of you and you'll have a slight tremor. This is normal. Your temp should me 36.5-7Deg C.


On a cold day (0c) you'll need at least 30mg more on top of your base dose

As the seasons change you will need to fine tune up and down.

Depending on your body mass, you will need about 120mg (2x60mg) to 240mg (4x60mg) per day.

I take 3 x 60mg perday and break it up 7am , 11pm and 10pm.

Your TSH may disappear - good sign you have the tune about right.

GP's have no understanding of NDT and the Lev to NDT tables are junk.

Good Luck


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