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Weight gain after total thyroidectomy (Graves)

I was hoping to find out some advice. I was diagnosed with Graves' disease, and i had a thyroidectomy (6 years ago) I am currently on Eltroxin (Levothyroxine) 175 mcg.

i'm suffering many syndromes. Depression, hair loss, skin issues but the worst symptoms is gaining weight.

now i thought adding T3 could help (Thyroid-S instead of Eltroxin)

latest results below:

FreeT3 2.65 (1.7 - 3.7)

FreeT4 1.16 (0.7 - 1.48)

TSH 0.113 (0.35 - 4.94)

I tried LCHF diet and low calories diet and both did not help

and i'm walking 30 mins daily

I have gained 25 kg in the past 6 years and this makes my mood at its worst

Please advise

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Thyroid-S isn't a weightloss aid but having higher FT3 may enable you to exercise more and that may help with weightloss.

TSH 0.113 is low but not quite suppressed. FT4 1.16 is low in range and FT3 is halfway through range.

You could add 6.25mcg - 12.5mcg Liothyronine (T3) to 175mcg Eltroxin to raise FT3.

If you decide to switch to Thyroid-S you will need to titrate Eltroxin as you build up Thyroid-S. 175mcg Eltroxin is equivalent to 2.75 grains NDT (165mg) Thyroid-S. You can reduce Eltroxin by 75mcg and introduce 1 grain (60mg) Thyroid-S. Two weeks later drop another 50mcg Eltroxine and raise Thyroid-S to 2 grains (120mg). Two weeks after that stop Eltroxin and increase Thyroid-S to 3/4 grain (45mg). Hold at 2.75 grains for 6-8 weeks and have a thyroid test including FT3 before increasing further.


Thanks for your kind response. I really need it as here in Egypt there is no support from the GP to be normal as we were before thyroidectomy.

They just care about TSH level. and i just knew about T3 from this forum.

Really appreciate your time here.




I'm sorry to tell you that it is the same here in the UK and pretty much all over the world.

I hope you realise that Thyroid-S is derived from pig thyroid. If porcine NDT is culturally inappropriate or illegal to import you might consider ThyroGold which is bovine NDT.


what about adding T3 Tiromel (from Turkey) or T3 Cytomel (Meditech) to my Eltroxin?



I suggested above adding 6.25mcg - 12.5mcg T3 to Eltroxin. Start with 6.25mcg to see how you tolerate it and make sure you have a thyroid test including FT3 6-8 weeks after increasing to 12.5mcg.

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Thank you


Hello again :)

I just got my Hormone blood test results

after adding Tiromel to Eltroxin (from 175mcg Eltroxin to [100mcg Eltroxin + 50mcg Tiromel] gradually)

T3 116.06 (60-181)

Free T3 3.63 (1.7-4.2)

T4 3.7 (4.5-10.9)

Free T4 0.67 (0.82-1.44)

TSH <0.008 (0.55-4.78)

is it normal ?


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