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Confused on med levels


I have been diagnosed with mild Graves’ disease currently on 10mg carbimazole one day and 5mg the next.

I received a letter yesterday from my endocrinologist saying I am discharged and will be looked after by my doctor from now on, when I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago he said I can’t blame my Symptoms on my thyroid and something else must be wrong which I have to follow up with gp. Latest results tsh 4.07 (0.27-4.2) ft3 4.8 ( 3.1-6.8) ft4 14 ( 12-22) my symptoms are ringing in ears generally unwell nausea random bad fatigue at anytime of day dizziness and coldness even though I’m warm and achey body (I am waiting to get my iron levels checked)

I emailed Elaine Moore she says I am very over medicated and this isn’t helping my anti bodies and I need to drop the dose ... do I recontact my endo do I call my docs and pass on this info on I’ve had such a bad night no sleep with the stress of not getting better I think I have given myself a flare up I had to take propranolol this morning for the first time in months. So fed up with this I think I have brain fog clearly can’t think! Thank you for your help

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Lisa i would ring your gp as your endo has discharged you- endo says nothing wrong but we know that is very much rubbish-ring doc and he could contact endo? Dont be fobbed off. 10mgs is still too high i think but i will letvothers respond-catch you later.xx


Hey how are u today?... urggg I feel like I’m back where I was in November when I last had a dose change! The nausea and paleness is driving me mad! Spoke to my doc he said to decrease to 5mg a day as of next Monday.. I’m going to try get to the hospital this afternoon to get my bloods done! Xx


Your Endo shouldn't discharge you while you are still being treated for Graves, GPs are generally not experienced enough to treat hyperthyroidism.


Hey bantam thank you I have managed to track down my endos secretary and asked him to call me 🤞🏼


Hey Mortisha!! Lol just trying to cheer you up. Yes im feeling slightly better than i was, yes dose changes always knock me about but settle within a few weeks. At least you are not chopping tablets or quartering them yet, it is a real pain in the neck-pill cutter i got doesnt even chop it in a equal half properly, ive tried knifes, scissors but have found a nice thin bladed stanley knife in the garage, perfect, hubby will be looking for it. Ha. Xx


Haha Oh I was thinking of Wednesday 😂😂 forgetting my age there for a mo 👵🏻!!

Weird how me and U go through the same things at similar times .... I think I’m feeling sorry for myself as I haven’t been feeling so bad lately so it’s more of a shock to feel this rubbish where as my last dose drop in Nov I was feeling bad anyways so could deal with it better! I’ve got to try drag my butt off the sofa and go get a blood test Tunis afternoon meh.. our lives r so exciting!!

That’s great ur feeling better 😊 Hopefully U will get a decent night sleep tonight did u have to go back on propanalol? I had to take one this morning first time in months

Ooh great tip though! Just hope he doesn’t find it and cut something nasty up with it, replace it without u knowing eek xx


Hi there, i havent got much room to take the mickey- i look dreadful today i look like something from the walking dead today with my hair standing on end and dark eyes-it is not a attractive sight lisa!! Day in today-again!! I will go and make myself beautiful abit later,😆😆

Did not pop the propranolol i just rest and hope for the best, beta blockers made breathing worse for me so gp said come of them. How are you now more at ease? I go in the morning for my blood test 1st thing.

I agree it is such a up and down disease,you get used to feeling ok ish and then it hits us again-hopefully one day with correct meds we will be tickety-boo.

I have a busy schedule for this afternnon jk on channel 6 and a cuppa. Yeah!!go rmichelle.xx😊😊


Yes I’m a little better now thanks than I was this morning just went to do bloods for ferritin etc am shattered now 🙄

Haha ur jk mad!! yup snap back on sofa for me too with my hot water and ginger living the life !! Xx


Ha, hippy you!!xx😊

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It’s pancake day and I can’t even have pancakes 🤦🏻‍♀️ do you use a substitute flour? I bought some coconut flour but it looks too confusing to bake with! Xx


What about rice flour or cornflour? I not fussed on pancakes😲.xx

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The Breton tradition is the galette - made with buckwheat flour.

(This is a link to a very heavy and serious article about buckwheat pancakes. Unfortunately, it comes to the conclusion that making them with no wheat flour at all is difficult and, possibly, not a good direction.

seriouseats.com/recipes/201... )

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Hey did you ever have that holter moniter fitted? I've got docs tomorrow pm as i want heartvand blood pressure sorted. Daughter is coming home earlier has she got hospital appt-i spend my life at docs and hospitals- im back there 1st thing tomorrow myself for bloods-home sweet home!! Hope you having half decent day.😊


Hey I’m not too bad today as on the lower dose day I have had exhaustionlike I’ve never had before over this last week!!

no I still haven’t heard anything I have chased twice now 🙄 god it’s how our lives roll at the moment same for me this week gp, hospital for bloods, spoke to endo secretary yesterday! (He still insists there’s something else wrong with me!

Oh all my bloods came back normal from my ferritin kidney liver folate b12 blood count etc can wait to call the endo tomoz as say!!

gp said it’s the meds I’m on making me feel rubbish I have decided to drop to 5 mg everyday as I’m sure I’m over medicated I wrote to Elaine Moore she said I was very over medicated! Had a melt down this morning 🙄

How are your symptoms? Hope your settling down xx


Take no notice of your endo he has no idea!! im sooo glad you have dropped it down to 5mgs it will take a while for excess hormones to go and new dose to settle, dont feel brillant yet but keep fighting.

Did you look at your bloids? Ferritin ishould be at least 70 or above and b12 within range not low end? Not nit picking but have a look!!. Just ran out of my iron for 10.99 it does not last long.

Where did you get elaines moore email from? I wouldn't mind contacting her.

Are you ok now from your meltdown? It rubbish ive noticed on waking i shake and feel nervous and just wondering i should get adreninals tested, hey maybe you should do that one aswell?

Its exhausting trying to get well, it is a full time job trying to sort ourselves.xx😊😊


Oh if you go to


Click on forum and sign in you can ask her questions she does reply but sometimes takes a while (I guess if she has a lot of questions)

Yes I had to do something I have never experienced fatigue like that before I thought I was going to pass out!! Hopefully the lower dose will sort it. Yer I need to get the print out of my results but I did ask where I was on ferritin I know it wasn’t low I think it was mid range I’ll have to check!

Eek 10.99 that gets expensive!! Yer I know it’s so rubbish it would b ok if we were given an end date of when we will b better or if you just keep getting better not this bumpy old road we have to dawdle down!!

I’ve had my adrenals tested and cortisol it was fine I had to come off the pill to get my cortisol down apparently it naturally raises it!

Yer I’m ok now thanks just fed up! sat out in the garden for a bit listened to the birds 😂 such an old bid .... I hope one day we can look back on our convos and think WT🌀!! 😂

I hope you daughter is ok xx


Ha ha- i just been out in the garden putting some bread down for birds and water in the bird bath, then sat down for a rest- i can be maude and you can be flossie, right oldies aren't we. 😊😊

Yes you will feel whacked but dont fight it and just nod off.

Rightbok gp is gonna get a ear-bashing tomorrow with everything i want done!!😨

Daughter just pulled up in taxi.xx


Sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell. I’m still in shock how the thyroid imbalances can do all body functions. Get well x


Thank you kari55 I felt like this on my last decrease it’s so annoying! Yes it affects so many parts of your body and my complexion I could audition for the Adams family no makeup necessary! A lighter shade of grey! X


At least it doesn’t affect your sense of humour which is the main thing! :D x

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